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Get Rid of Unsightly TV Cables

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, HDTV, Home Entertainment,

Wiring Solution ChannelIf you are fortunate enough to have an LCD or Plasma Screen and have it mounted, chances are you can’t afford something to cover up those ugly cables dangling beneath it. Anthony Lozano may have had the same problem and designed a wall-mounted, fiberboard channel that will hide cords that run between the bottom of the screen and the top of your A/V cabinet, even if it is just a couple of boards and a few bricks. The WS12 ($39.00) covers a 12-inch distance,  the WS20 ($49.00) handles 20-inches, and the WS30 ($79.00) spans 30-inches. All of them can be painted and come in flat or textured finish. After we get one of these Wiring Solutions from Super Home Theatre, maybe we can work on replacing those bricks.

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