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New Rdio redesign is now available to all

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New Rdio design

Just a quick PSA for all you music lovers out there--that new Rdio design we recently talked about? Well, it's now live for everyone. Our favorite streaming music service has rolled out the new clean look for all, and it's pretty fantastic. Check out a video walkthrough below.

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Hands-on with New Rdio redesign: More social, much faster

New Rdio

Last week at a press event in Austin at SXSW, Rdio gave us a look at its brand new, completely overhauled music experience. We got a look at the new Rdio, and we walked away impressed by the beauty of what the streaming music company is attempting to pull off. There are a lot of changes, and we think that most people will think they're all good.

New Rdio isn't just a visual makeover though. Wilson Miner, head of design for Rdio said, "We want back to ground zero and rethought the whole user experience from the groud up to put the focus 100% on music and people." That people part is a big deal, because social integration is a big part of the new Rdio. When you log in, you've got a constant bar on the right-hand side that shows your online contacts and what they're listening to. There's also another tab that gives recommendations of who to follow (oh, and you should definitely follow the Gear Live Rdio profile!) Wanna share a track or album with a contact? The old way still works, but now you can just drag and drop content onto contacts as well. Very fluid.

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Charlie Sheen Brings Live Video to Fans

Charlie Sheen, Sheen's Korner

Charlie Sheen, otherwise known as the only celebrity who can make Lindsay Lohan look like a great casting decision, doesn’t want to wait around for Good Morning America to get off its ass. Meaning, ABC, NBC, CBS and everyone else Sheen has been talking to just aren’t broadcasting entertainment news all the time.

So, what if Sheen has something he’s just got to share with fans? That’s what the Internet is for. Charlie Sheen began live streaming to fans on Saturday night, unveiling his “Sheen’s Korner.” It’s even got a tagline: “You’re either in Sheen’s Korner or you’re with the trolls.” And if you don’t want to be a troll, watch Sheen’s entire 50-minute...mess rant thing show.

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Newsmap: Your visual newsroom

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In a connected world such as the one we live in today, we are constantly  bombarded with news non-stop. This is why we sometimes need a way to distinguish what's important and current from the rest of the fluff. Newsmaps helps us visualize the world of news in a easy to understand format. This tool visualizes Google News results using a treemap visualization algorithm that helps display all the information in a user friendly way. Bigger font? Popular story. Colors? Categorize the topic of the story. Color intensity? How fresh or old the story is. We can customize our news by interest and even location. Although the colors and fonts can seem a little harsh on the eyes, it gets our attention to what is important.

Do you use a similar tool such as this? Feel free to share it with us in the comments.

Geri Halliwell to Bring New Spice to Music Industry

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Artist News, Gossip, Pop,

Geri Halliwell

, formerly known as Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls, is reportedly back in the recording studio.

The source of this juicy gossip is pretty ironclad - Halliwell posted the info herself on her official Web site.

A recent message reads: “And guess what, I’m back in the studio…which I’m really enjoying.”

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Get Your Name in Paranormal Activity’s Credits

Paranormal Activity website

How did you contribute to Paranormal Activity‘s recent success? Did you talk about it on Twitter? Did you drag your friends to a showing? Did you purchase Dramamine just so you could sit through it?

Even if you’ve watched the movie multiple times already, this promotional tool could have you buying the DVD as well. Those who register by Monday, November 9 will get to see their name listed in the home version’s credits. According to the website, it’s simply the studio’s way of “thanking the fans who turned the movie into a nationwide phenomenon.”

This could be the one time a movie’s credits ran longer than the actual film.

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Yahoo to Close GeoCities

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Google, Internet,

Geocities header

If your first site was on GeoCities, then let’s have a moment of silence as Yahoo has decided to retire the free service by the end of the year and is accepting no new accounts. Existing accounts still have access, but they would rather you upgrade to their paid Web Hosting service with a discount of 50%. GeoCities was bought in 1999 for $287 billion, but ComScore reports that traffic has fallen about 24% in the past year. Contact the help center if you want to close your account or have questions.

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YouTube and UMG to Create Vevo

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Corporate News, Internet, Music,

VevoThe Universal Music Group and YouTube are working on a new media service. Vevo will feature all of UMG’s videos on one site by using YouTube’s “leading edge video technology and user community.” Launching later this year, there will be access to UMG’s catalog of music videos and will include professional, artist and user generated content. Tunes can be accessed through the Vevo channel and a branded embedded player.

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Hab.la On Site Chatting

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Hot Deals, Internet,

Hab.la Screenshot

Want to IM without leaving your site? Hab.la is a fun, free application that allows you to chat with visitors on your website. Messages show up in a minimized box embedded in the lower right corner of your browser and if you are signed in, it displays “click to chat.” Connect using GTalk, Jabber, Aim or other IM. Installation is simple and customizable. Head over to the site to get a more detailed overview of the app.

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Muziic Plays YouTube Tunes

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Muziic Screenshot

Clever 15 year-old David Nelson has devised Muziic Player, a free interface that allows you to download tunes from YouTube. With the encoder, you only need to drag and drop or browse through MP3 files and press “encode.” There is also a search bar for single or artist and other features include playback and volume control, and playlist management. You can even go as far as adding an album cover by dragging and dropping JPG, .BMP or .PNG images. Unfortunately, YouTube is not thrilled with the idea.

A YouTube spokesperson claimed, “We’re looking into it now. On a preliminary review, however, it appears that the site violates our API terms of use.”

Here’s hoping that they can work something out so that the technology and David’s hard work will not go to waste.


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