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Go Green with United Pepper

United Pepper Products

Green is Good. Definitely the newest buzzword, there is a trend now to create gadgets that are not only functional but good for the environment. Some companies rely on guilt, but others seem to believe in what they sell. Created in Vietnam and designed in Belgium, United Pepper’s accessories are made of paperboard, cotton, and Kapok, a natural tree-fibre. Their Oscar USB 2.0 hub and LILI 1.3 Mpixel webcam are completely recycleable, energy efficient, and composed of fairtraded goods. It doesn’t hurt that they are cute, either. Find them for £20 (~$40.00) and £30 (~$60.00) respectively on the green site.


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Peru Welcomes OLPC

OLPC ProjectIt appears that the OLPC has already become a hit in Peru. At the Santiago Apostol School, it seems that the children in the small town of 800 can’t get enough of the computer. In fact, the school population rose by 10 when families heard the it was coming. Many of the children there leave after finishing schools because they don’t want to farm like their parents.

Maria Antonieta Mendoza, an Education Ministry psychologist who is helping to prepare for the rollout in March, claims that they love the built-in camera best, since many of them had only seen them previously belonging to tourists. In all, more than 272,000 units will be distributed in the county.

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PoV Webcam Can Be Handheld

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PoV WebcamIpevo will be releasing their USB PoV handheld webcam during the CES 2008. No more adjusting and readjusting that stationary camera, with this one you simply point and shoot. It can capture small details up to 4 cm with a VGA resolution and has an auto-white balance, mic, software built-in for visual effects and will work with Skype. Of course, if you are the type that needs both hands to type, you can always use the included clip/stand to keep it stationary for shots of up to 270º. Contact Ipevo for price and availability.

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Get Ready for your Closeup with the Retro Webcam

Retro Webcam

We love it when today’s gadgets go “old school” on us…case in point the Retro Webcam. It’s a fully functioning webcam with microphone, perfect for video chats and stills, in 24bit RGB color. The cool thing is that it’s modeled after those Hollywood movie cameras of yesteryear, complete with tripod! So whether you place it atop your computer or keep it on the tripod, the Retro Webcam is destined to add Tinseltown glamour to your workspace…and an outlet for your Norma Desmond impressions. Available for $45 USD.

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Transform Your Cell Phone Into a Web Cam


You can now have the capability of turning your cell phone into a Bluetooth or USB webcam for plugging into your laptop. Warelex’s Mobiola can screen capture you on Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, ICQ, AOL, and other IMs. The cam is compatible with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices including Smartphones, several Nokia phones, and some by Sony-Ericsson.The Mobiola is available for a free trial session for a week for up to 5 minutes at a time and is priced between $4.95 and $19.95, depending on your mobile phone.

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Logitech Assists YouTube

Logitech WebcamIt certainly helps to have partners in high places on the Net. Logitech, working with the YouTube Video Toolbox, has decided to offer its one-touch instant uploading for the site with its QuickCam software (version 11.5.) Once your clip is secure, you receive a link to it for distribution to those who are either the subject or object of your humiliation. With all the cameras, software, and now free and simplified connect, you have no excuse not to join up with the YouTube school of infamy. Download it at Logitech, if you already have the urge and proper equipment.

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Robot Webcam Works and Plays

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Roboman Webcam This Roboman Webcam stands, sits, or leans with his 6-inch tall frame and features 350k pixels and captures 30 fps. He pops into your USB 1.1 port, has an integrated mic with 11 points of articulation, and comes with a driver disc. The cam has 2 LED eyes and a 52-inch cord so he can move around at night and commune with other bots while you are asleep. We were just kidding about that part, but he does have movable arms and legs so that you can position him in ways that are really not possible in humans. Get yours at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

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