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Google Drive now allows site publishing

Posted by John Kilhefner Categories: Google, Internet,

Google Drive site publishing

Google Drive users are now able to publish web content via their Drive storage using a public folder available from any browser. Web content published through Drive will also be able to host JavaScript, so you'll be able to run web apps on your page. Google, being the stickler for simplicity, demands published content remain static, and any outbound links must be addressed in a way that shows up in layman terms.

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GoDaddy changes default domain from .com to .co for a day

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Corporate News, Internet,

godaddy .co

Yesterday one of the biggest domain registrars, GoDaddy, switched their default domain registration service to .co instead of .com. This means that when anyone searched for a new domain to register, the first response they would get is a .co domain instead of the usual one. While the company calls it a test, it's easy to guess that they are planning to shift away from the crowded .com domain space. Let's face it, anyone who wants a domain name now is likely to find their first choice will be already taken as a .com, which isn't surprising with almost 100 million registered names.

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Yahoo to Close GeoCities

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Google, Internet,

Geocities header

If your first site was on GeoCities, then let’s have a moment of silence as Yahoo has decided to retire the free service by the end of the year and is accepting no new accounts. Existing accounts still have access, but they would rather you upgrade to their paid Web Hosting service with a discount of 50%. GeoCities was bought in 1999 for $287 billion, but ComScore reports that traffic has fallen about 24% in the past year. Contact the help center if you want to close your account or have questions.

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