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Electrolux iBasket

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iBasketAnything that shortens our clothes washing chores is fine with us. Guopeng Liang designed the iBasket for the Electrolux 2008 Design Lab Competition. Hamper-shaped, the prototype automatically washes once there is enough weight in it. With a wireless connection, it has a remote monitor and control of wash cycle frequency by PC and IM notification to PC or mobile device when your clothes are done. We only hope the final product won’t be transparent so we are forced to see our dirty laundry.

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Xeros Washing Machine Needs Only 1 Cup Water

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Imagine having a washing machine that only needs one cup of water for a full wash. That may not be so far away since researchers at Leeds University in the UK are already working on it. Xeros uses thousands of 1/2cm plastic chips to absorb and hence remove dirt. When the water heats up, about 20 kilos of chips are added to the water and detergent. The chips can be used up to 100 times, about 6 month’s worth. The team is hoping to bring the prototype out to the public by 2009. The scientists say that it could save billions of gallons of water a year, not to mention how it would cut down on your electric bill.


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Washing Machine Meant For Dogs

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Dog Washing Machine We’re not sure if this is a godsend or cruelty in action. Folks in Poitiers, France, now have a washing machine for canines. Costing more than $30,000, the appliance washes and dries your dog in about 4 minutes, while the operator stands safely dry outside the apparatus. During its demo, the machine’s owner sat in with the pup to prove it was safe. We know that our dog will run at the sound of running water in the tub, so we can imagine what effect this might have on other furry friends. The very least the gadget should do is electronically toss in some kibble between cycles.

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