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Unidenmen Are Walking Billboards

UnidenmenUniden has released a troup of mobile showrooms under the guise of Unidenmen in the town of Shimokitazawa, Japan. Wearing futuristic suits, they strap the TVs to their chests, while their backs feature QR codes so that products can be ordered from mobile phone sites. Placed in 34 different areas, the company is hoping to attract 25 to 30 year-olds who are shopping or bar hopping. This would beat the dorky sandwich signs that are used here in The States, but we would think that those things have to get heavy after a while.

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Speak With Motorola TLKR

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TLKR T5Motorola has unveiled new two-way radios, in spite of the fact that they left out the vowels while naming them. Both incorporate the hanging loop feature that makes them easy to carry. The TLKR T3, designed for the younger crowd in orange red, or blue, features 8 channels with a 5 km range, a channel scan and monitor, an LCD display, and will last up to 20 hours on a battery charge.

The deluxe T5 has those same features, in addition to 121 channel code privacy, a twin charger pod with separate charging jack, voice activation and auto-power off. The T5 walkie talkies come in black, red, or blue. Motorola promises to keep them “at an affordable price point,” which sounds a bit vague for now, so contact them for price and availability.

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