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Digital Blue/Lego Kids’ Electronics

Lego CameraDigital Blue has teamed with Lego to bring an entire line of kids’ gadgets out to play. Included in the series will be a digital cam, a video camera, MP3 player, walkie talkie and other electronics. Although they will have the look of the blocks, fortunately the users cannot dissemble them. Look for a summer release. We bet this would be a good gift for those Lego addicted friends of yours as well as the kidlets.

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Sonim Handset Takes Abuse

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XP1 Handset

Last week, the water and shockproof Olympus Cams, this week Sonim Technology offers its XP1, the latest in heavy-duty Toughphones. The VoIP device can be literally kicked around and is obviously geared towards the outdoorsy type, whether in occupation or sports. It features a push-to-talk key, dual speakers, an easy keypad, immediate beep for instant transmit, and short-codes for fast pre-configured messages. Available in 5 colors, do you suppose that manufacturers have finally realized that we are a planet full of klutzes? Contact Sonim for details and pricing.

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Motorola Launches Waterproof Walkie Talkie

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Motorola GP628 Plus

Motorola has recently unveiled its analog GP628 Plus walkie talkie in Korea with an IP67 (International Protection) rating, so that next time you are hanging around a war, you will not have to fear being told to stop using it. Both waterproof and dustproof, it also features a push-to-talk feature, an LED in case its battery is dying, and an emergency siren. Contact Motorola for price details. We’re wondering just how important this rating is considering some of our soldiers in the Middle East are wearing homemade body armor and using Silly String for bomb detection.

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