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Tom Tom geeks out with Star Wars GPS voices

Posted by Finnian Durkan Categories: GPS, Mods / Hacks, Movies,

Tom Tom Star Wars GPS

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be guided to your destination via the dulcet-tones of James Earl Jones breathing through a ventilator?  If so, then Tom Tom’s announcement of their release of Star Wars voices for their GPS nav systems should make your day, and if not, then you should probably stop reading this right now because you are dead inside.  Beginning this month Tom Tom is making one new Star Wars voice available for purchase through August.  Following the first available voice, Darth Vader, June will see the release of C-3P0, July will be Yoda, and finally Han Solo will wrap up what will be remembered as The Summer of GPS Nerdyness.  For the sake of entertainment, someone should come up with an R2D2 mod, available in September.  I would buy it just so that I could get in witty, one-sided conversations with my car during my long road-trips to comic conventions and film festivals by myself.  God, I am so alone…


BioWare hires an All-Star cast for Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2Casting is a very important part of film production, used to attract movie goers into theaters.  Similarly, BioWare is hoping to achieve this same kind of effect by casting big names into their upcoming title, Mass Effect 2. Sure, they are also hired to bless the game’s characters with talent, grace and—in some cases—even mannerisms. Names such as comedic actor Seth Green, Chuck stars Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin, Star Trek’s Michel Dom, Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer, Carrie-Anne Mos, and even Martin Sheen are part of this all-star game cast.  If the Mass Effect series never tickled your fancy, these names will surely spike your interest, even if it’s just curiosity.

Neutrino iTalk Clock

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

iTalk ClockThe iTalk from Neutrino should please anyone who wants his or her morning simplified. Using TimeSet Voice technology, the alarm clock is activated by saying, “Hello iTalk.” It responds to eight different phrases such as “snooze,” “set alarm,” or “help.” The 8 x 4.25 x 2 3/4-inch timepiece features manual or verbal update, an 8 to 9 minute snooze, LED numbers and dimmer. Neutrino says that it can understand any English-speaking voice. Contact them for more details and price.

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ViewMaster Goes High Tech

Super Sounds ViewMasterWith all the old toys being replaced by electronics, we didn’t even realize that ViewMaster was still around after all these years. But here it is, revamped with remote control and it speaks. The Super Sounds Projector allows kids of all ages to put on a show, and includes character voices, music, and sound effects. Use the wireless infrared remote to auto-advance or you can do it manually. The projector will show images on a wall or 8 foot ceiling and has storage space for 3 sound reels (not included.) The ViewMaster is available for $29.95 and runs on a 2 button cell (included) and 4 AA batteries (not included.) Don’t tell anyone, but we are digging up our old reels that for some reason we could never throw away.

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David Beckham:  The Voice Behind the Man

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Specials, NBC,

BeckhamI’m not sure why I’ve never considered him before, but after having watched NBC’s Victoria Beckham: Coming to America special and drooling over the latest issue of W—I have finally moved David Beckham into my ever-changing Top 5.  Which Top 5 would that be?  The list of freebies (ala Friends) my husband can never be upset about.

But despite Beck’s wealth, athleticism, appearance in a suit and ability to sport any hairstyle and still look good—his placement on my list does come with one caveat:  He..must..never..ever..speak.

Why?  Because the minute one word is uttered from his mouth…his hot-ability quotient immediately plummets.  Men everywhere should be happy to know that God helped level the playing field by giving him the whiniest voice to ever grace an incredibly gorgeous man.

For those of you familiar with his not-so-dulcet-tones, here’s my question to you:  Who or what does he sound like??  While he fortunately hasn’t given many soundbites here in America, I haven’t been able to pinpoint during those quick snippets who he sounds like.  My friend likens his voice to a leprechaun, but my money’s with the Geico Gecko.  Votes?  Thoughts?