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Mix Tape: Chris Brown Denied Visa, Ace Frehley Writes Memoir

Chris Brown-Chris Brown was denied access into Britain as a result of his Rihanna assault case. His tour will be indefinitely postponed until he can clear his name

get a visa.

-Nassar Adhoot has been denied access to guitarist Joe Walsh. The Eagles musician was granted a restraining order after his neighbor threatened to kill him.

-Ace Frehley is putting down the guitar and picking up a pen. The former KISS player is authoring No Regrets, a memoir about a “life of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll.”

-Ex-Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable was found dead in his home yesterday morning. It’s believed the 40-year-old may have possibly died after a drinking binge.


Visa Tests Emue Credit Card

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EmueIn an effort to combat credit card fraud, Visa is testing a new card. The Emue generates and displays a new code each time it is used. A PIN number is used to generate the code that is displayed on an alpha-numeric screen built into the card. There will also be an account number, magnetic strip and 3 digit security code. A three year battery is used in the device so that the card will expire before another is needed. A pilot study to test the new card should be completed by the end of the year.

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