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Why Did the SAG Awards Snub Corey Haim?

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Sunday night’s SAG awards were all about honoring Hollywood—and, it was only fitting that the show included an “In Memoriam” for all those who passed last year. But one actor was left out of the final cut, and fans are incensed.

Corey Haim, '80s It Boy and '90s hot mess, was not in the tribute. According to show producer Kathy Connell, there simply wasn’t “time to salute everyone.” She says two separate Memoriam packages were created. “Mr. Haim was in the longer version,” she said. “As the show was running long, we were forced to choose the shorter package.” Haim died in March of last year.

“We have become used to not being honored by our peers in the industry,” Haim’s BFF and frequent co-star, , told Popeater. SAG member Dorothy Provine, who died on April 25, was also left out of the shorter memorial video package (which can be viewed above).

But according to Connell, those are the breaks. “Some people who are included early on, may not be in the final package due to the passing of other SAG members.”


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Vokle: Set up your own Internet talk show

Vokle is comprised of a small team of technology and communication enthusiasts in California, and they've built an incredibly powerful platform for video conferencing. With just a few clicks you can become the host of your  own video talk show, and start taking questions from a live audience. 

You can post your show in one of several categories on Vokle, including topics like: entertainment, arts & lifestyle, technology, business, learning, and offbeat. It's is easy to use, social media friendly, entertaining, and very interactive. 

Vokle has built its platform with a heavy focus on social media integration, and you can sign into the website using your Facebook or Twitter account. I found the embed feature to be one of the coolest I've seen in any video sharing service. You can embed a single line of code on any webpage, giving fans and followers multiple access portals to your show when it goes live.


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Nicki Minaj: Saturday Night Live Scene Stealer

Mark Zuckerberg may have surprised Saturday Night Live viewers with his appearance last night, but it was a different guest who actually showed some hidden comedic talent.

Nicki Minaj, who at one point joked about marrying Drake, had the audiences laughing by playing Kenan Thompson's wife in “The Bride of Blackenstein.”

Earlier in the program, the singer contributed her musical skills to Andy Samberg and Lonely Island's latest Digital Short: “The Creep.” (You can see that clip after jump.)

Could there be an acting future ahead for Minaj? I wouldn't be surprised.


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VIDEO: (Real) Mark Zuckerberg Visits Saturday Night Live

The minute we heard Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg was going to host Saturday Night Live, we knew a Mark Zuckerberg sketch was in his future—but did anyone think the Social Network star would come face-to-face with Zuckerberg? Both of them?

The Oscar nominee's opening monologue included appearances from the show's resident “Zuckerberg” (Andy Samberg) and the Facebook co-founder himself. Check out the awkwardness (including painful acting) above.


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VIDEO: See Ricky Gervais’ Cameo on The Office

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There's only one other person who could probably appreciate Michael Scott's humor as much as Holly Flax does—and that's his UK counterpart David Brent.

On last night's episode of , Ricky Gervais—the star and the co-creator of the British version—made his first appearance in Dunder Mifflin territory.

Although Gervais' run-in with Steve Carell was hilarious (as expected), his brief cameo had us dreaming of Brent/Scott partnership. Oh, the possibilities ...

I guess Will Ferrell-lead office will just have to suffice.


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American Idol 10: Nashville Auditions



Nearly 20,000 turned up for American Idol's Nashville auditions. The city is home to the Grand Ole Opry, and it's acknowledged as the undisputed capital of country music. The episode started quickly, launching viewers immediately into auditions.

Here’s the best part: they started with a bad one. Christine McCaffrey treated the new panel to one of the oddest Idol auditions on record. Randy Jackson repeated “really?” several times, clearly annoyed. “That’s not serious,” he told the other two. It was a good start to an episode that moved along fairly quickly, unlike the one that came the day before. How does the new panel stack up against the old? Have some singers already started to shine? Maybe Nashville provided the answers.


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VIDEO: James Franco, Anne Hathaway Training for Oscars Gig


Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco look great together in this brief, but immensely satisfying, promo.

In only 15 seconds, the quick commercial spot pays homage to Oscar frontrunner Black Swan and manages to squeeze plenty of comedy out of a still-infamous Super Bowl moment.


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Charlie Sheen in Hospital—Again

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UPDATE #2: Charlie Sheen will be entering a rehab facility. Production on his show is being put on hiatus. 

UPDATE: TMZ reports that Sheen is being treated for a hernia.

Someone might want to direct Jon Cryer to TMZ right now.

Just last night, the Two and Half Men star joked with Conan O'Brien about checking the gossip site to get news about his famously troubled costar. “I'm checking TMZ, as I do every day, to know if I have to go to work at all.”

Now, less than 24 hours later after that interview, comes report of another -related incident.


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American Idol 10: Milwaukee Auditions

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Danny Gokey at American Idol 10 Milwaukee Auditions

Past American Idol contestant Danny Gokey showed up to please the crowd at the Milwaukee auditions, as it’s his own hometown (and he’s not that busy with music right now). The show spent a lot of time on the city and the judges (Randy Jackson isn’t familiar with Aerosmith banner hit “Sweet Emotion”) before introducing us to the first contestant of the day.

Did any of them stand out? Will one of them be the next Idol? Tuesday's was a long episode … but did it provide a big payoff?


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State of the Union: Done With the Past

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For the second time in his presidency, President Barack Obama stood before the nation to deliver the State of the Union on Tuesday night. Many viewers had the option of skipping the speech because it was leaked online some two hours before the president took his podium. In the Information Age, nothing is sacred.

Obama opened by mentioning the Tucson tragedy, calling attention to the grim, empty seat within the chamber. But he quickly moved forward in the speech, talking at length about America’s greatness and spirit of innovation. It all felt a little empty … until Obama broke the ice with his first really great joke.

“I have heard rumors that a few of you still have concerns about our new health care law.” It came a little late into the speech, but it was the line that united the room. Laughter is much more heartfelt than forced applause, and at last the President of the United States was off and running.


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