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Movie Icon Jane Russell Dies

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Janes Russell - London, 2008 During her career in Hollywood, Jane Russell kept company with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes and a host of other legendary personalities. She was best-known for her impressive, Amazonian figure -- which she always put to good use on the big screen. And now, she’s gone.

Jane Russell died on Monday in Santa Maria at the age of 89, 70 years after she was cast in her first Howard Hughes movie (The Outlaw). Her cleavage, amply displayed throughout the flick, created a huge controversy with censors. She did westerns with the Howard Hughes-owned RKO studios for several years in the 1940s before being cast as Marilyn Monroe’s brunette bestie in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The role gave Russell the chance to show off another of her assets -- her powerful singing voice. You can hear -- and see -- her talents on display in the video above, a clip of Russell's big solo from the movie.

Throughout the 1950s, she continued to star in films. Russell was paired onscreen with Clark Gable, Robert Mitchum and Frank Sinatra -- to name just a few. Russell spent the next years singing in nightclubs, making the occasional movie appearance until 1970.



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New Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed

The 12th season of Dancing With the Stars is scheduled to premiere this month, and ABC has finally released its cast list.

The new cast is peppered with athletes, actors, reality stars, musical entertainers, even a talk-show host and a supermodel. Follow the jump to see the complete list...

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Video: The New ThunderCats Are Here!

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Cartoon Network is rebooting ThunderCats, and we’re pretty psyched. The big screen version of the cartoon is currently on hold, but there are still new adventures to be enjoyed. Thundera is still in danger... but thankfully, there is a hero who’s ready to take care of business. View the trailer for the new ThunderCats in the video above.

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Video: Anne Hathaway and James Franco Want to Host for You, You, You

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The hosts of the 83rd Academy Awards really want to host for you, you, you, as this funny video clip proves. Anne Hathaway and James Franco put this little piece together to promote the event, a tribute to "You're the One That I Want" from Grease (which we teased last week). As much as we adore James Franco, we're coming around to the realization that he's no singer. Don't believe us? Listen to the video and find out.

Video: Celine Dion Sings for Memoriam at the Oscars

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In one of the more beautiful moments from this year's award season, on Sunday night Celine Dion appeared on the 83rd Academy Award stage with no introduction to sing “Smile” for the In Memoriam segment, a number so heart-wrenchingly toughing it was guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye. The losses for the year of 2010 include funnyman Leslie Neilson, actor Tony Curtis, actress Patricia Neal, actress Anne Francis, actor Denis Hopper and writer/director Blake Edwards. Watch the entire thing in the video above.

Video: Oscars Auto-Tune Movie Mash-Up

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A funny mash-up of Auto-Tuned dialogue has become one of the most talked-about moments of the 83rd Academy Awards, and our new favorite movie-inspired music video. Watch the whole thing above, and discover gems from your favorite movies: “I’m a Ball of Light” (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I), “We’re Still Here” (Toy Story 3), “Fishing for Facebook” (The Social Network) and “He Doesn’t Own a Shirt” (Twilight).

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Video: Gwyneth Paltrow Performs Coming Home at Oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow delivered a beautiful, heartfelt performance of “Coming Home” at this year's Oscars, the original song from her film Country Strong. The tune was one of the nominees in the Best Original Song category, and Paltrow’s beautiful performance made a strong case for why the ditty deserved to win the statue.

It didn’t, however. Randy Newman won his second Oscar at the 83rd Academy Awards for his original song “We Belong Together” from Toy Story 3, which he also performed live on the big stage.

Video: Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi at the Oscars

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The 83rd Academy Awards was peppered with montages, witty jokes from the evening's hosts and presenters and more than one great musical performance. As a tribute to the five orignal songs nominated for this year's awards, each one was performed live on the huge Oscar stage.

Tangled's “I See the Light” was beautifully crooned by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. Moore wore a dark blue, feathery ball gown for the number, and still managed to sound even more beautiful than she looked. Their sensational performance, viewable in the video above, was one of the Oscar highlights for the broadcast.

Watch the Lady Gaga Born This Way music video

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Lady Gaga released the latest of her over-the-top music videos today, premiering the debut track from her upcoming album, Born This Way. The song is written by Gaga herself, with choreography by Laurie Ann Gibson. Hit us with your thoughts in the comments.

Videos: Best Moments from the 2011 Academy Awards

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The 83rd Academy Awards was filled with musical numbers, glamorous celebrities, even an F-bomb or two. In case you missed the broadcast (which swelled to an incredible five hours if you count the 90-minute red carpet pre-coverage), we did all the hard work for you: we've got the highlights. Take a look at all the best moments from this year's Oscar awards, starting with the video above.

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