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American Idol 10: Top 24 Results

The first results show of American Idol 10 began with an emotional montage of the Top 24 contestants through their various audition rounds, which seemed completely unending this season. They each performed only once on the big Idol stage (and not even live), getting just one shot to make their dreams come true.

For half of them, those dreams would die before the episode was over. How we love elimination rounds.

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Video: First Look at Khloe and Lamar Reality Show

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are the central theme of a new E! reality show, and you can get a look at their premiere in the video above. In the video, the couple talks about the possibility of becoming parents, something that should excite Kardashian fans.

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Video: Jennifer Lopez Unveils ‘On the Floor’ on American Idol

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If you didn't watch American Idol's lengthy, two-hour results show on Thursday, you missed the newest Jennifer Lopez video. Idol's new judge debuted her music video for "On the Floor" sometime after the eliminations and before the wildcard performances, but we cut out all that nonsense to bring you the important part: the J-Lo video. Watch it in its entirety above.

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Chris Medina: Too Good for American Idol?

Funny how some things work out. Chris Medina, the American Idol contestant who grabbed so much attention from viewers (and Jennifer Lopez, who broke down when she eliminated him from the show), is a bona fide recording artist.

He doesn’t have to wait around for some reality competition to finish. The day following his televised elimination from the show, Medina debuted a brand-new single on iTunes, “What Are Words,” which you can hear in the video above. The entire song is based on the gut-wrenching, heart-twisting story Medina shared with the Idol judges at his first audition for the show.

Medina’s production company is 19 Recordings. But… wait! Isn’t 19 Recordings the same company that produces all the American Idols? Now, you’re catching on.

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Video: Hear the New Britney Spears Single

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Listen to Britney Spears singing "'Til the World Ends," the song Ke$ha co-wrote for her, in the video above. Ke$ha wrote the song after “imagining her and any female musician touring the world.”

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Hands-on with the String Labs Augmented Reality Showcase iPhone app

Take a look at the future of mobile virtual reality with the String Labs Augmented Reality Showcase app for the iPhone. This amazing new application is a tech demo from String Labs, celebrating the launch of their brand new augmented reality platform. Download the free app from the iTunes app store, and head over to the String Labs website to print out the five available image targets.

Choose from Pharaoh's Fury, Clayful, Scrawl, Proto, and Sneaker. When you launch the app, you can focus your rear camera on the image targets, and play with the games and utilities that show up in virtual reality. There are fun games, creative artistic drawings, and random virtual three eyed pets to play with. Check out our video, where we walk you through each one of the five image targets, and give you a taste of the technology. Take a look at the future of mobile virtual reality, and imagine all the possibilities.

What do you like about these new applications? Can you dream up an innovative way to use augmented reality? Share your idea's with us in the comments below. 

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Survivor: Russell Eliminated, Redemption to Follow?

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Reality vet Russell Hanz has just tasted the sting of elimination for the first time... and, it’s kinda sweet. The three-time Survivor cast member alienated most of his tribe (Zapetera) early in the Survivor: Redemption Island competition, and for once he didn’t manage to escape a heated tribal council on Wednesday night.

After winning two challenges in a row, the six-strong alliance (which includes current immunity idol holder Ralph) in the Zapetera tribe decided to throw the joint reward/immunity challenge. Led by Rob Mariano, the competing Ometepe tribe marched quickly to victory.

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So, is Charlie Sheen Crazy or What?

Charlie Sheen says that he’s clean and focused following an “epiphanous awakening,” and when we figure out just what he means by that we’ll let you know. “I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front,” he told Piers Morgan on CNN.

If victory means practically monopolizing the media, Sheen’s already there. The actor's publicist quit on Monday, saying he is “unable to work effectively” at his job, and it’s no wonder. Charlie Sheen has been calling TMZ, CNN, Good Morning America and -- it seems -- anyone else who’ll pick up the phone.

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American Idol 10: Top 12 Men Perform

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American Idol 10 - Steven Tyler

American Idol opened its Tuesday episode with a new stage -- and, some shocking news. This is... not the American Idol we’ve grown used to. After the performances from the Top 24 this week, a staggering 10 contestants will be cut.

This is what happens when you invite too many people to Hollywood and drag out the audition rounds.

Clint Jun Gamboa was the first to take the stage (and therefore, the easiest to forget). He’s still wearing his glasses, a true mistake, and sang “Superstitious,” which was another mistake. The performance started out weak, and though Clint tried to sell it with plenty of dance moves and attitude, the band completely drowned out his little vocals.

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Video: Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Record Deal

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Gwyneth Paltrow has been showing off her singing chops lately, and everyone’s taking notice. According to the movie star, she’s currently “talking about” a record deal. Watch the video above to see what Paltrow has to say about her music industry future.

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