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Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Video Sold

Lindsay Lohan in courtUPDATE: Parts of the video can now be viewed here.

As we reported last week, there is about forty-five minutes of video surveillance that shows Lindsay Lohan inside the jewelry store where she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace. The entire crime has been recorded by cameras.

And now, a single Beverly Hills company owns all that footage. Despite the fact that the surveillance video is still part of an ongoing court case, the video has been sold to The Spencer Co. On a new website created just for the video, the company promises that will bring the footage to viewers “shortly.”

According to the teaser page, “the tapes speak for themselves.” Yeah, that’s what we heard too. But that isn’t the same as seeing, and so far the site offers no definite times or dates. The Spencer Co. is working with the Associated Press on releasing the footage. It has been rumored that the jewelry store itself sold the video, though nothing official has been offered by any of the parties involved.

Entertainment Tonight obtained some pictures from the video, which you can view at their site.

Lindsay Lohan could be charged with felony grand theft for taking the necklace from Kamofie & Co.

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VIDEO: Miley Cyrus as Justin Bieber? It’s Pretty Cool

As soon as SNL announced that Miley Cryus would be hosting the show, everyone knew that at least one popular skit would make an appearance: Vanessa Bayer’s The Miley Cyrus Show. And Saturday Night Live did not disappoint.

In the video above, Bayer plays Miley Cyrus, Jason Sudeikis plays dad Billy Ray, and the real Miley Cyrus plays Justin Bieber. Watch the skit!

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VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Teaches Disney Channel Acting

In one of the funnier segments from her Saturday Night Live appearance, Disney princess Miley Cyrus teams with Raven-Symone (we mean, Keenan Thompson) to explain how to act on the popular cable channel. Our favorite moment? “Entering on a scooter.” Watch the whole skit in the video above.

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VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Delivers Musical Monologue

We’ve got the video of Miley Cyrus delivering her Saturday Night Live monologue… and it’s pretty cool, y’all. The singer started off by acknowledging the popular skit in which SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer repeatedly makes fun of her, scoring easy points with the crowd. But when she launched into song, she won the audience over completely. View the video above to find out why Miley Cyrus isn’t perfect.

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Video: Get a Look Inside Charlie Sheen’s Rehab Facility

Charlie Sheen is proud to share his recovery story with others. The actor, who has struggled with documented drug problems, sobered up with the help of the Sober Valley Lodge. Now, we’re happy to bring you a video straight from Sheen’s safe, sober environment. Brace yourselves.

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American Idol 10: The Three Contestants J-Lo Wanted to Keep

Even American Idol’s resident diva can’t get her way all the time. In an interview with E! News, Jennifer Lopez reveals which three contestants she really wanted to keep, but couldn’t.

“It was very hard, and we weren’t ready,” she said of the entire wildcard round, which was tacked onto the end of Thursday’s results show. “It was hard. I love them all.”

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Glee Spoiler: Favorite Former Guest Star Returning

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Glee - Carol Burnett, Kristin Chenoweth, Jonathan Groff

And no, it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow or John Stamos. We’ve just discovered that one of your favorite Glee guest stars is returning to the show in March, and they’re bringing a huge singing talent with them. Keep reading if you want to find out which rival singer is about to shake the halls of William McKinley High…

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Video: See the New Puss in Boots Trailer

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Puss in Boots movie, a spin-off from the beloved Shrek franchise. Antonio Banderas will reprise his voice role to bring Puss to life. Salma Hayek will voice love interest Kitty Softpaws, and Zach Galifianakis will voice the character Humpty Dumpty, the film’s villain.

Puss in Boots comes to theaters in November.

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Conan O’Brien pokes fun at Apple’s iPad 2

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On Thursday night's show, O'Brien claimed that Apple and its team of engineering wizards was "getting a little cocky". Team Coco then proceeded to spoof the iPad's desktop, thinness, "a pair of cheap cameras," and how we Americans seem to take everything said with an accent and lend it more credence than it actually deserves.

O'Brien, whose humor is perhaps more warm-hearted than his late-night rivals, completely leaves Steve Jobs or a parody of Jobs out of the fake launch video, almost certainly because of Jobs' struggle with cancer. The omission allows the humor to fall where it should: on Apple's iconic status, and how the iPad 2 might be considered a bit more like an iPad 1.5.

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Listen: Paula Abdul Calls 911

TMZ managed to unearth Paula Abdul’s Valentine’s Day 911 call, in which you can hear the singer arguing with her current boyfriend. "I want out of this car, and he won't let me," she sobbed to the dispatcher. Listen to the call in the video above.

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