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Mix Tape: Weezer Needs Song Help, Def Leppard May Get Cartoon

Def Leppard's Joe Elliott-Def Leppard, the cartoon? The rockers are currently in talks to develop an animated series about themselves. Other branding opportunities, including cell phone apps and videogames, are on the table.

-Want to help out the recovering Rivers Cuomo? Then contribute a demo for Weezer’s new song “Shusui.”

-Guitarist John Frusciante has announced that he has officially left the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He claims his decision was based on different musicals interests, not drama.

-MTV News has just declared Lady Gaga their Woman of the Year. Does Kanye West have anything to say about that?

-A Michael Jackson tribute concert has officially been called off. Organizers, including Jermaine Jackson, were never able to secure headlining acts.


Update: ‘Hitman’ to Remain R-Rated?

Hitman logoYesterday, we reported that the upcoming Hitman film, based on the eponymous videogame franchise, was to be re-cut and cleaned up to achieve an MPAA rating of PG-13. Well, it looks like the folks over at TwitchFilm have received an official response from a PR representative over at Fox.

It seems that, while Nicholas De Toth has been brought in as a consultant on the film, director Xavier Gens is still involved. Fox also assured us that Hitman will remain R-rated, despite the rumors.

It would be nice if Fox just came out and told us what exactly is going on, but let’s face it—Hitman is based on a violent videogame, and Fox would probably do well to give people what they expect. And besides, I’m already tired of this story …

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R-Rated ‘Hitman’ to be Sanitized

Hitman logoCHUD is reporting that the Hitman movie, based on the popular videogame series and starring Timothy Olyphant as divinely inspired assassin Agent 47, will be recut to achieve a PG-13 rating. Allegedly, Twentieth Century-Fox believe the film to be too violent and have removed director Xavier Gens and brought in Nicholas De Toth to oversee the new cut.

In an emerging pattern, De Toth also stepped in to censor the recent Live Free or Die Hard, which, as you may know, was the first of the franchise to obtain the lower rating (note to self: go back and watch anything edited by Nicholas De Toth and consider what it could have been).

With little over a month before its release, a rushed Hitman could—if in fact it was kick-ass—become another videogame adaptation that just isn’t as kick-ass as its source material (see Mortal Combat and Street Fighter).

UPDATE: New information has surfaced regarding this issue.

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The Wii Fishing Pole for the Angling Fanatic

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Toys, Video Games,

Wii Fishing Pole

So, -owners, we just  told you about Wii-mote frying pan and utensil extensions, to enhance your “Cooking Mama” experience. While we secretly wait for “Trauma Center” attachments, we bring you the Wii Fishing Pole add-on, for that “you are there” feeling while playing Wii fishing games. The pole extends from approximately 21 to 51 inches and is even retractable! As with all Wii add-ons, it adds “realism” to the game, but we suggest using it only around those who truly “get you”. Available for $19 USD.

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Intimidated By Sports Videogames? There’s No Longer A Need To Fret

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Madden 08 Wii Family Play controls

Have you ever found yourself wanting to play a sports game, but were overwhelmed when trying to take in all of the complex controls? Well, EA Sports is looking to solve that problem with the introduction of a new feature, called Family Play, which will debut in this year’s Wii versions of Madden NFL 08, NBA Live 08, and FIFA Soccer 08. Gamers suing the Family Play setup need only use the Wii remote to play (as opposed to both the remote and Nunchuk attachment), and will only be in control of the major aspects of the game – shooting, passing, etc. The rest is controlled by the computer, allowing for anyone to dive in and focus on the real action without having to worry about the nuances of the game.

For more details, head over to Playfeed and get the full scoop.

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NBA Live 07 Videogame Predicts Finals Outcome

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NBA Live LeBron over Duncan

The NBA Finals begin Thursday night, but Electronic Arts already has the outcome of the series, thanks to a simulation using NBA Live 07. The Spurs will take in the series and the championship in six games, with Tim Duncan being named MVP. It’s certainly a possibility, and actually one that matches my personal prediction. But then again, NBA Live 07 is a horrible basketball game, so I wouldn’t put much stock into what it says.

Only one game where LeBron scores more than 30? Bruce Bowen or not, I can’t see that happening – Tayshaun Prince may not be as good a defender as Bowen, but LeBron didn’t have much trouble lighting him up. It’ll be fun to see how the final scores stack up against the results from each of the simulated games, though.

The “highlights” from each game can be seen over at Playfeed.

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