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VIDEO: Justin Timberlake Promotes SNL

Watch SNL’s season finale host, Justin Timberlake, warm up his funny bone in the promo above. Cast member Andy Samberg joins him in the commercial, and TMZ reports that the duo will re-team for another musical number that will air on this weekend’s show.

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Music Video: American Idol’s Top 3

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American Idol's Top 3 sang "Smile" to promote Ford this week. Watch the trio frolick on the beach in the music video above.

Get all the recaps for the current season of the show -- read all our American Idol 10 posts.

American Idol 10: Top 3 Perform

American Idol 10 - Top 3

Top 3 week of American Idol is always pretty big (for them). Each contestant goes home for a big celebration, with full rock star treatment.

And even James Durbin, who was eliminated last week, went back home to a hero’s welcome. But only Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are left to compete for votes. And of the three, only two will be a part of the show’s big finale next week.

The show snagged a superstar for Top 3 week: Beyonce. There’s no need to expound on her credentials; they’re too evident. She definitely has the knowledge to help the Top 3.

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Music Video: Beyonce Debuts “Run The World (Girls)”

Maybe this video will spark new interest in Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls).” The song hasn’t matched the success of “Single Ladies,” but this video is definitely awesome.

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VIDEO: Get a Sneak Peek at Napoleon Dynamite, the Animated Series

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Just what Fox needs... another animated series. In this case, however, we're willing to think positive. You’ll have to wait until fall to see a whole episode, but for now Fox is offering this sneak peek. Watch the video above to get a glimpse of the animated version of Napoleon Dynamite. The series is based on the movie of the same name, and will have the same voices.

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VIDEO: Glee Sneak Peek

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Glee’s next episode is called “Funeral,” which sounds pretty bad. Maybe it’s not a literal term? Either way, this video doesn’t offer a whole lot of clues… but it does present some delicious moments with Jonathan Groff. See the sneak peek above.

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VIDEO: SNL’s Ambiguous Duo Goes Live Action

SNL’s “The Ambiguously Gay Duo,” an animated pair created by Robert Smigel, have made 12 appearances on the show since 1996... but this past Saturday, fans saw them in a whole new way. Thanks to a flesh-ray invented by the evil villain Brain-O, we learned that the live action version of Ace and Gary look exactly like Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon, respectively.

Late night host Stephen Colbert played Brain-O, Steve Carell Big Head, cast member Fred Armisen became Lizardo and host Ed Helms is the two-face character in the fantastic skit.

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VIDEO: Two Lindsay Buckinghams? What’s Up With That!

Most of the SNL cast, musical guest Paul Simon, special guest Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel, to Gleeks), host Ed Helms and a member of Fleetwood Mac came together to bring us the skit above: an epic “What’s Up With That.” Bill Hader reprises his usual role as Lindsay Buckingham… only this time he’s joined by another Lindsay Buckingham! We’d like to thank sexy cowboys, California raisins and Keenan Thompson for the great video above.

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VIDEO: Hear Lady Gaga’s Hair

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It’s no mistake, it’s a new Lady Gaga song. She’s just released “Hair,” from her Born This Way album. You can hear the song in the video above.

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American Idol 10: Top 4 Results

The stage was set for drama on the Thursday results episode of American Idol. With lights turned low, Ryan Seacrest intoned about the importance of the vote. You see, only the Top 3 get to go home in glory, to a big hero’s welcome. The fourth-place finisher simply goes home, to wait for the Idol summer tour with the rest of the season’s rejects.

It took almost 72 million votes to determine the Thursday results. The Top 4 all scored high praise from the judges on Wednesday, each having two performances with which to impress them.

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