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Canadian Sells Son’s Guitar Hero in Protest of the Evil Weed

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet, Music, Videos

Guitar Hero IIIPoor Isaac. His dad caught him smoking pot in his backyard with a couple of buds and decided to punish him by selling his Guitar Hero III on eBay. The Canadian father went into detail about the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the Wii game in the first place and offered to be talked out of it, but apparently the thought of the $9,100.01 bid was too much of a temptation and turned him into a Scrooge. We are not quite sure which one was the naughtier of the two.

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Renegade Chair is Top of The Line

RenegadeThis has to be one of the most extreme gaming chairs we have seen. The Renegade features 12 game-synched vibration motors, game-triggered lighting effects, and 3D stereo speakers with headrest in a racing seat design. It is compatible with the Xbox 360s, PS3s, Wiis, PS2s, PCs, or iPods, and will work with any USB controller, wheel, or accessory.  If that isn’t enough, after a particularly grueling stretch of gaming, you can switch it to massage mode. The chair can be yours for £225.00 (~$470.00.)

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Retro Bling: Ms. Pac Man Ring

Posted by Jenny Lewis Categories: Accessories, Wearables, Video Games

PacmanIf the Ms. Pac Man arcade table game is sadly out of your price range, take heart. Thanks to Tiny Armour, you can keep Ms. Pac Man close to your heart while keeping a little more green in your wallet. The truly hardcore old-school gaming fan can pair Ms. Pac Man with a ghost ring or necklace also available from Tiny Armour for some real-life (but decidedly not scary) ghost dodging fun. The Ms. Pac Man ring is available in silver or gold vermeil ($68 and $75, respectively) and sizes 5 - 11.

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Recharge by Wrist

Charger Bracelet

If you are right in the middle of a DS or PSP video game and it looks like your batteries will die before Link does, hook up Thanko’s handy Charger Bracelet. It will give your game system up to an extended 4.5 hours of life. The device will also work with cell phones so you don’t have to hang up on your spouse/partner/boss until it is your idea. Connect the bracelet by USB to your computer for a recharge. The charger will set you back JPY 4,980 (~$44.00.)

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Arcade Games Get Recalled After Injuries

Arm SpiritJapanese arcade game distributer Atlus said that it will remove all 150 of their “Arm Spirit” machines after three players broke their arms. The game features 10 levels of arm wrestling competion, including “French maid,” “drunken martial arts master,” and the final match with a “professional wrestler.” All the same, the company plans to check each of the machines and investigate the incidents.

Spokesperson Ayano Sakiyama claims that “the machine isn’t that strong, much less so than a muscular man. Even women should be able to beat it.”

Maybe so, but this is one item that we are happy to know has not been imported from overseas.

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