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Nintendo to Release new DS

DSRumor has it that Nintendo has plans for a new DS that will come out in time for the holidays. The DS2 will take pictures and play tunes. Also equipped for wireless application, it is expected to be less than ¥20,000 (~$189.00) when it is released in Japan. Although the DS is doing better globally, the PSP is outselling the DS there. We have no doubt that this move will make it more popular for those want the addition of the new features.

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Nintendo/PC Up for Auction

We like the retro look of this PC built into an old Nintendo and apparently so do a lot of others. Its creator spent about 50 hours and €800 (~$1,180.00) to make it and it is now being auctioned off on eBay France. The event will run through December 9, and the bid last time we checked was about €625,00 (~$917.00.) Check out its innards, outers, and ports on the video. Not a bad deal considering he is also tossing in some NES and NES 64 gear to go with it.


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Tin Cans Make Noise

Tin Can Speakers

Show off your designer attitude and, at the same time, your admiration of creative ingenuity. The company boosted mobile, which caters mostly to consumers ages 14 to 34, is offering its Limited Edition Tin Can Speaker Set (Volume One.) Only 400 were made, but each pair is compatible with most MP3 players (including iPods,) computers, TVs, and video game systems. Battery operated, they were created by street artists MINT (Mikhail Sokovikov,) SERF (Jason Wall), and Mainframe (Dean Bradley) as a showcase for their talents and are available for $99.99 a pair. We can hardly wait to see what Volume 2 will look like.


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Light Sword is For Nighttime Wii Playing

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Wii Light SwordThe 2-in-1 Light Sword was created for all inner heroes that have Wiis. Made of PVC plastic, they suggest its use for Dragon Quest, Legend of Zelda, and Prince of Persia. Since the sword emits a green and blue light when powered on, we think you can adapt it for space games as well as a little side action if the Force is with you. We’re not sure why it is a 2-in-1, but maybe it has something to do with its description, “It is not only a game tool but also a pretty toy.” The weapon and shield are available for $20.25.

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