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Vanishd Hides your Web-surfing from your Boss

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: Internet, Software,

Sometimes I wonder what type of age we live in when someone offers a browser based application that allows the user to surf the net while it appears that he or she is working.  This is the purpose of Vanishd, a program still in the beta stage, which allows a spreadsheet or word processing document to be a veil of busywork over your pleasurable web-surfing. From their site:

VANISHD lets you browse the internet in privacy without co-workers, bosses, friends, or family seeing what you are surfing – all without any downloads or plugins. Covered by another web page, your web surfing viewing window is camouflaged. Simply moving the mouse off the browser window or right-clicking instantly hides the viewing window from prying eyes and only the cover web page is left visible. You can very easily adjust the size, shape, and location of the viewing window.

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