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Transcend Jetflash V20 USB Flash Drive

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Accessories, USB, Storage,

Jetflash USB DriveWe really like the looks of the JetFlash V20 USB Flash Drive. With its pearlescent chassis and color band that lights up, store all your files, music, images and videos. It is compatible with Windows Me/2000/XP, Mac and Linux, so you can transfer your data to any or all three. And it will hold 64GB in all, which to us is not too shabby. Contact Transcend for price and availability.

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Wine Stopper USB Memory Stick

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Accessories, USB, Design, Software,

Wine Stopper USB StickWine connoisseurs/geeks, it’s time to say “Cheers!” Arwye Wan has designed a USB 2.0 flash drive shaped like a cork wine stopper. Handmade and at a size of 50 x 20mm, the stick holds 1GB memory and supports Windows, Linux and Mac. The storage device comes in a white gift box and will be available soon, so contact smediart for details and price. What a great idea for for a vineyard and/or retailers to get one with their logo on it and information about their product included in the design. Personally, our wine knowledge is pretty much limited to Ripple.


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Nintendo Looking At External Storage For Wii?

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Hardware, Wii,

Wii Cubed3 is reporting on a new press release issued by eSol Co., Ltd., indicating that Nintendo has entered into an agreement with the company to license their FAT file system and USB host support for embedded systems, to be used in Nintendo’s Wii console. Cube3 believes that this may be pointing to an external USB storage system coming for the Wii some time soon. However, the press release seems worded oddly for a new addition to the Wii. For instance, eSol’s Executive Vice President, Embedded Products says this:

I am very happy that we could take part in the development for Wii, a new game console from Nintendo. I believe that our products were selected because Nintendo highly-valued our long, successful history with many digital consumer products and high-reliability and functionality based on that. We will continue to provide superior products and technical services to strongly support developers in embedded software development.

This statement seems to indicate that eSol was involved during the console development process, and this licensing is not a new thing. Why the company is issuing a press release now about this seems somewhat odd, though. Still, even if this is not new functionality in the Wii, this announcement would indicate that Nintendo could potentially enable the feature in the Wii to allow USB-based storage in the future.

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