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Logitech Cooling Pad N100, Notebook Riser N110

Cooling PadRiser

Logitech has announced two new accessories for your notebook. The Cooling Pad adds extra airflow with a slotted surface and a USB fan. The N100 utilizes rear air intake and its enclosed construction protects from damage or dust. It will be out this month for $29.99. The Notebook Riser does what its name implies and can also be used with peripherals. It can be used at a 20, 30, or 40% angle and has a rubber-soled swivel base. The N110 will be available in May, also for $29.99.

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Thanko Easy Desk Cool 2

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, PC / Laptop, USB,

Easy Desk 2

Last year Thanko came out with an Easy Desk. This year it’s the Easy Desk Cool 2. It will hold all sizes of laptops and adjusts its angle with a push of the button. You can also raise or lower it when you are upright. The built-in USB fan will keep your sweaty palms nice and cool. When you are done, fold the desk up and stash it under your bed or couch. Pre-order the $92.00 EDC2 or contact the company for more details.


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The USB Airplane Fan is So Fly

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USB Airplane Fan

We know summer is almost over, but if your office is anything like ours, it can get blazing hot for no apparent reason at any time of year. It’s days like these we wish we had the Airplane fan, an adorable, wheeled aircraft whose propeller becomes a cooling fan once plugged into your computer’s USB. And don’t worry, the propeller won’t cut your fingers if you decide to play with it (and you know you will). Pricing and availability from Kikkerland.com are not available yet, so stay tuned…


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