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GE Waterproof G3WP Camera

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GE has debuted their first waterproof digital cam that can handle depths of up to 10 ft. The G3WP has a 4x digital zoom, a 12.2 megapixel resolution, a 2.7-inch automatically adjusting LCD display and support for up to ISO 3200. It also features Pan-Capture Panorama, Auto Scene, Blink, Face and Smile detection and red eye removal. The G3WP will be available in red, black or gray and comes with Li-ion battery and charger, AV and USB cables, editing software and wrist strap.


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Google Earth Beta 5.0 Features Underwater, Outer Space

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Google EarthGoogle has added 3D renderings of the ocean floor in its latest update since 4.3. Google Earth 5.0 is still free to download. Track gray whales, explore shipwrecks and see what the water looked like up to 50 years ago. Also in the new Google Earth are maps and satellite images of Mars, including probe landing spots, and you can save your toured places to share with other GE users.

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Aqua Star Underwater Motorcycle

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Aqua StarLet’s file this one under, “But why would you want to?” Brothers Dmitry and Timophey Ryabikiny have designed an underwater two-seater motorcycle. No special equipment is needed as the design includes a helmet with air supply available and a system to prevent glass steam-up. The Russian Aqua Star has two motors, the second one allowing the rider to maneuver by pressing and holding a button. The bike can go to a depth of 12 meters and move 7 km/hour. The brothers plan on making their prototype available next summer.

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Digital Camera Mask Takes Underwater Shots

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Digital Camera MaskAnyone who has attempted underwater photography knows that getting a good shot is not the easiest thing in the world, especially if your instinct is to swim far away from a creature that looks like it wants you for a snack. Liquid Image has come up with a solution by designing a scuba mask with a cam built-in and tempered glass goggles with cross hairs to get a perfect shot.

The Digital Camera Mask features a 5 megapixel camera that can shoot 18 to 25 fps VGA in high and low resolution down to a depth of 30 m. It holds 16MB flash memory, has auto-off, and displays what you shoot on LCD. If you need more memory, add a microSD card. After you capture, you can simply download by USB, although ArcSoft Software is included for editing. The mask needs 2 AAA batteries (not included) and carries a MSRP of $99.99.

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Scientists Explore Underwater Turbine Usage

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Underwater Turbine

Rick Driscoll, the director of Florida Atlantic University’s CEOET (Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology) and crew are developing underwater turbines that will create power from the Gulf Stream. They would be moored 1,000 ft. below the surface and should be capable of going through 8 billion gallons per minute. That’s enough energy to power up one third of the state of Florida. The team will be testing a prototype early next year. We wonder if, when this becomes feasible on a large scale, someone will find a way to harness it in, let’s say, a jacuzzi. We suspect the power companies would not be thrilled.


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Pentax Intros the Optio W30, its Newest Underwater Camera

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Pentax Optio W30

Just reading about this Pentax digital camera makes us want to board the next


flight to Cancun. It’s the Optio W30, a 5.6 oz., 7MP waterproof (and virtually sand-proof) camera, capable of a depth of 10 feet for 2 hours. It has a 2.5-inch display, and a high-brightness setting perfect for shooting beach and ski shots; plus the ISO can be set up to 1600, for low-light underwater photos. And while the W30 has an internal memory, you can also rely on SD and new SDHC high-capacity cards, which hold up to 8GB. The zoom range is 38 to 114 millimeters, and for you Jacques Cousteau wanna-bes, there’s a video mode (with sound) shooting 30 frames/second. The Pentax Optio W30 will be available in March for $300.

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