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Kelly Osbourne Blasts Lazy Brits

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Television, Drugs, Drunk, Parties, Rants,

Kelly Osbourne partying with boyfriend Luke WorrellNever one to let her manners get the best of her, Kelly Osbourne has slammed lazy British teenagers.

The Dancing With the Stars contestant feels frustrated by young girls who aspire to marry a rich soccer star or have a baby to get state funded accommodation.

“I find it easier being in America. The UK is a lot harder, people have this kick you while you are down mentality. It seems like some teenagers just want to get pregnant so they can get a bigger council house. It is not OK for girls to want to grow up to be a WAG [partner of soccer player]. I find that frustrating.”

Kelly has also slammed people who live off their famous parents and spend their lives partying. The 24-year-old star, who has been in rehab four times for prescription drug dependence, explained, “A lot of celebrity kids don’t do that much with their lives. You are in a position where you are so lucky—you can do whatever you want. A lot of them waste their lives going to parties and being mean to other people.”

That doesn’t sound hypocritical at all, Kelly.


Interview: Pint Shot Riot

Posted by Drea Avellan Categories: Site Features, Rock,

Pint Shot Riot

Although the name Pint Shot Riot might not ring any bells for most Americans, EA is working on fixing this issue – pronto. Pint Shot Riot is a British Rock band that has had their fair amount of publicity on BBC Radio, BBC Band of the week and even made the UK Indie charts at #7. Their first single, “Punches Kicks Trenches And Swords,” had an appearance on The Sims 3, giving the band some international exposure. Pint Shot Riot currently holds a publishing deal with EA and their partner company, Artwerk, to license their songs to appear on games developed by EA. If you are big into EA games, get familiar with the name – you will be hearing it a lot more.

I had the opportunity to chat with Baby Dave, the bassist, and talk about the band history, video games and try to dig up any glorious dirt.

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Free MP3:  Gossip – Heavy Cross (BURNS Remix)

DescriptionArtist: B U R N S
Album: B U R N S
Song: Gossip- Heavy Cross (B U R N S Remix) [Download @ RCRD]
Reppin’: UK
WWW: http://myspace.com/thisisburns
What?: B U R N S combines sound hardware from the seventies and eighties with modern music software and samples, B U R N S started to produce hundreds of demos, experimenting as he began to define his signature sound.

3D Movie Screenings to Include Interactive Game

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Movies, Video Games,

Starship O2

Lucky UK moviegoers will get to play a 3D game this summer, in addition to enjoying movies like Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D and Toy Story 3 3D at participating VUE cinemas. O2’s Asteroid Storm allows audience members to guide the Starship O2 through an asteroid belt by raising their hands. Cameras mounted on the ceiling use IR scanners to track hand movements. While it seems like a silly concept, if those around you do it, then we guess you wouldn’t look any more foolish than they do.


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THQ Sends Queen Gold-Plated Wii

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: THQ, Wii,

Gold WiiTHQ one-upped the President in gift giving by sending their latest Wii title, “Big Family Games,” to the Queen of England. They also shipped her a gold-plated system with Remote and Nunchuck. The company stated the Royal Family is the most important one in the country and therefore needed one. While this is great publicity for THQ, we wonder if the monarch will send them a framed portrait as she did for the First Family. And, by the way, shouldn’t they send one to them too, as Sasha and Melia are certainly at an age to appreciate the gift.

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Soca Claims Crime Bosses Communicate Via Playstation

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: PlayStation Network, Sony,

PlayStation 3That dude that you met in that chat room may be a con, literally. The UK’s Serious Organized Crime Agency recently issued a report that claim that some crime bosses are utilizing PlayStations to control their “empires.” Soca says that it tracked over 5,000 prisoners over the past year and the they are using the game system to send “secret signals” while playing online, get inside chat rooms and use codewords. A spokesperson of the Prison Service claims that they have not been allowed access to wireless enabled technology and that the claim is bogus. As of this date, Sony has made no comment.

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UK Residents Block Google Street View Car

Google CarMany areas in the UK, such as shopping centers and streets, have surveillance cameras. But Broughton residents had had enough and formed a human chain to keep out a car that was shooting for Google Street View. Paul Jacobs noticed the car and got ticked off enough to round up his neighbors to block the road. By the time the police showed up, the car had left the area. This is not the first time Street View has had complaints. Pictures of shelters for battered woman in the U.S. were previously removed.

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Increase of Injuries From Wii Usage

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Nintendo, Wii,

Wii-FitThe UK claims that up to 10 users a week are being hospitalized because of their Wiis. Dr. Dev Mukerjee of Broomfield Hospital, Essex, claims that there has been a 100% increase of patients with “Wii-itis.” Ailments such as shoulder or wrist inflammation have been reported as well as “Wii-knee” after playing Wii-Fit, which may involve 3 months of treatment to cure. So remember, before you head into heavy gaming mode, do some stretching exercises first.

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Mamma Mia! Surpasses Titanic’s UK Record

Mamma Mia posterEven though is still far from surpassing Titanic’s box office record, the 1997 blockbuster did just see one of its titles sink.

Just days after receiving several Golden Globe nominations, Mamma Mia! broke a 10-year old UK record. The musical - having now earned over £69.1 million ($105.8 million) - is officially the top grossing movie in the United Kingdom. By the time Titanic had completed its run in 1998, it had raked in £69 million.

The Universal Pictures entry means Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (a.k.a. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) has now been pushed to third place. That film went on to gross £66,096,060 after it was released in 2001.

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High School Musical 3 Sets UK Presale Record

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High School Musical 3 cast

Who knew Troy Bolton was bigger than ?

In light of UK’s early response to , don’t be surprised to see another HSM installment in the theaters soon. Even though the movie won’t open for another 3 weeks, the musical has already set overseas presale records.

As of October 1, Odeon Cinemas - UK’s biggest theater chain - has already made £245,205 ($432,504) in advance ticket sales. That figure surpasses the record set by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The fourth wizard film raised £227,000 ($400,393) back in 2005.

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