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Glee: The Twist, The Sing-Off and The Guests

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Music, Prime Time, FOX, Rumors, Spoilers, Video,

Tuesday’s episode of , “Dream On,” was explosive in many little ways - and it’s what everyone’s talking about after several hours of prime time TV.

The episode inched us ever-closer to the Regionals competition, where feature glee club New Directions will go head-to-head with the more successful Vocal Adrenaline. Neil Patrick Harris and Idina Menzel were among the long line of guest stars, but arguably the night was won by . The director has been a main topic of Twitter discussion since it was announced he would direct the episode, and now the Gleeks are filled with praise for his management of the popular show.

Twitter and FOX forums also lit up with praise for , the episode’s very fun dance number and the amazing twist - though, some are still scratching their heads over the development. Many are taking the twist at face value, but some are still searching for devious plots meant to wreck the glee club’s chances at the all-important Regionals competition.

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Verizon Razzle: the twisting phone

Verizon Razzle

has announced the Razzle, a mobile phone with an intriguing control interface.  The Razzle has a lower half that twists. On one side, you’ve got a QWERTY keyboard, and on the other, stereo speakers with music controls.  As for the other features, it has a 2.2-inch display, 1.3 megapixel camera, GPS, and microSD expansion card.  You can order it now from Verizon’s web store.

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Lost Throws Another Desmond Twist

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Drama, Prime Time, ABC, Lost, Editorial, Features,

Lost Season 4 PosterWill it ever end? Just when you thought those crazy writers have completely divulged Desmond Hume’s (Henry Ian Cusick) storyline, they just throw a sick, twisted wrench at you. Damn them.

This week, gave us a Sayid (Naveen Andrews) and Desmond update.  They left us hanging for a few episodes, having last seen them board a helicopter bound for freedom. That helicopter managed to escape a storm on the trip back to the boat.  Unfortunately, due to a slight change in bearing and the mass amount of radiation he was exposed to, Desmond’s consciousness reverted back to 1996 when he was in the military, shortly after leaving Penny. Thankfully for all of us on the edge of our couches, Faraday and Penny were able to save our Scottish friend from a brain aneurysm.

Not many secrets were revealed this episode, other than Faraday alluding to the fact that there is either a time difference or other strange occurrence happening on the island.  (Which of course, has already become crystal clear.)  The cliffhanger this episode was confusing, although it provided reason for Faraday’s decision to join the mysterious “rescue” team.

I want to see more flash forwards, J.J.!