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DIY Truth Wristband Kit

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech,

Truth Wristband KitFind out what your date is really thinking. The Truth Wristband kit measures the galvanic skin response which is used in larger lie detector tests, and turns from blue to red when the wearer gets nervous. All the parts you need are included: an etched PCB, finger strap, Velcro wristband, TRUTH face plate, batteries and instructions. You need to do some soldering but for $44.95, we figure it should pay for itself after the first transgression.

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Shining ‘Moment’ for FOX

Moment of TruthWednesday night saw the arrival of the show I’ve been anticipating most: on . Wisely, the network premiered this new game show right after number one . Scoring 23.2 million viewers, it’s safe to say the show was a success. (It’s the biggest ratings for any premiere this season.)  Meanwhile, Idol won 26.8 million viewers, far outpacing ’s and Mandel’s million-dollar mission. For weeks, Moment has been getting quality promos and a lot of ad time, so it’s no surprise the followed. But…how good is the show, really?

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