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Green Energy Machine Recycles Waste

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Businesses that have a few extra parking spaces and about $850,000 extra in their budget can invest in the GEM (Green Energy Machine) to crunch up trash. The generator accepts food, cardboard, plastic and organic waste, shreds it and turns it into pellets. These are then fed into a gasifier which produces synthetic gas that burns in a natural-gas microturbine. GEM will not accept metal and class because they have no energy content and can convert up to three tons of waste. Here’s hoping some enterprising person/company will create a GEM for the rest of us at lesser prices.


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Automatic Trash Bin

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Automatic Bin

For clean freaks and those whose hands are gooey no matter how many times they wash up, the Automatic Bin is 100% hands-free operation. Its lid almost instantaneously opens when it senses trash. Made of stainless steel, it holds 50 liters (~13 gals.,) and runs on 4 D-sized batteries or included AC adapter. The bin also has manual over-ride capability and an ABS removable top for simple washing. Cleanliness is yours for £79.99 ($157.84.) We wonder if it will automatically open if it knows that we are just tossing wadded up paper towels towards it. 

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Don’t Trash It - Freecycle

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Freecycle logoWant to do more than just throw away your old stuff now that you have better gadgets amassed from the holidays? Started in 2003, the Freecycle Network is filled with freebies. It claims to save more than 300 million tons of trash every day by recycling. There are now more than 4 million members from 4,100 cities, so if you haven’t been there lately, visit it again.

The site also features volunteer moderators who make sure the swaps are legal and G-rated. Founder Deron Beal is proud that Freecycle helped a Hurricane Katrina victim refurnish his home and features such acts of kindness as the man who assembles bike parts then gives them away. Think of it as a kinder, more generous craig’s list.

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Avoid Germs with the Touch-Free Trash Can

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Touch-Free Trash CanIn this age of the MRSA “superbug” and heightened germ awareness, we bet this could soon become a staple in all homes. The Touch-Free Trash Can is self-explanatory: with its infrared sensor, the lid opens when your hand comes within 8 inches, and closes automatically after 5 seconds. Used in medical facilities and labs, the Touch-Free is now available for home use, in 6 different gallon sizes. Requires 4 “C” batteries, which last approximately 6 months (20 opens/day). The smallest size—1.5 gallons—is available for $30 USD. See website for a video demo.

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Mr. Wu Creates Bots Out of Trash

Wu Yulu has never been to college, but somehow he has managed to take others’ trash and turn it into his own treasures. For every creation he comes up with, he modestly numbers and names it Wu, too. Apparently Mrs.Yulu is not crazy about the fact that her husband not only spends most of his time playing with his toys, but burned down the house once while the evil scientist in him was at work. We have no doubt that when the Wu Rickshaw Robot is discovered on a grand scale, he will be raking in the big bucks.


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