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Cymascope May Translate Dolphin Language

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Science,

John ReidAcoustics engineer John Stuart Reid and American dolphin researcher Jack Kassewitz are working on a Cymascope, a device that allows dolphin-speak to be converted into graphics on a screen. The eventual hope is that the pair can translate that into words. They are starting with basic verbs and nouns and will work their way up into a conversation. Since humans cannot hear many of the sounds, the visual graphics will aid in deciphering. While this goal may not be reached in the foreseeable future, one day they may just find that dolphins have been laughing at us all along for our puny minds.

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Scientist Develops Program to Interpret Alien Language

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Science, Software,

ETIf and when a real ET arrives, Dr. John Elliot from Leeds Metropolitan University will be ready. He claims that an alien language will have recognizable patterns and has has created a program to help identify and translate them. He says that all human languages have “functional terms” such as ‘if’ and ‘but’ and that they are separated by up to nine characters or words. The software can also be utilized to break the language down into nouns and verbs. If they still can’t figure it out, perhaps a bag of Reese’s Pieces might help.

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Voiscan Speaks Volumes

VoiscanThe South Korean company Mouscan has devised Voiscan, which will scan text in any language, recognize it, then read it aloud. It utilizes HP’s scanning technology CapShare and is expected to be sold for travelers to other countries, students for practicing, and those with sight impairment. Look for the Voiscan to hit the market next year. We think it might be amusing to be able to go into a foreign restaurant and not have to be embarrassed by asking some of the contents of our dinners.

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Developing Elite Beat Agents

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Culture, Nintendo DS,

Ouendan 2

One of the more interesting and quirky titles to hit the Nintendo DS last year was the rhythm game Elite Beat Agents, which was a follow-up to the successful Japanese title Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. At the GDC, iNiS Vice President of Development Keichi Yano spoke about the process in localizing and adapting a uniquely Japanese title for American audiences, and Gamasutra has a summary of his remarks. Yano talked about his first title, Guitaroo Man, which gathered a cult following in the US, but never sold particularly well, and his move to portable platforms with Ouendan. In localizing Ouendan, Yano apparently experimented with a number of different looks for the Agents in the game, including a set that looked somewhat like the Village People. Yano also dropped some hints about the upcoming Japanese sequel to Ouendan as well; it seems doubtful that the game will have a direct port in the US, but certainly a lot of the ideas for the Japanese sequel could be used for a future Elite Beat Agents 2, should one be developed. For those that enjoyed Elite Beat Agents, it is definitely worth importing the Japanese original, if only to see the origins of Yano’s music game.
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