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Roger Slifer Could Use A Hand

Roger SliferYou’ve probably seen this all over the internets, but a little more won’t hurt. Veteran comic book writer Roger Slifer was hit by a car this past weekend.

Roger worked for both DC (where he created Lobo) and Marvel (where he worked on Avengers and Marvel Two-In-One), and later produced and/or story-edited the TV shows Jem And The Holograms, Transformers, Street Fighter and others.

Here’s the story, as reported by Flint Dille:

“Roger Slifer is in intensive care after being run over in a hit and run on Friday Night around 1:00. We had originally thought of keeping this quiet, because Roger is a fairly private guy, but as word is out and time might be of the essence if we're going to find the hit-and-run driver, I'll post what I know.

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Comic Book Jobs: Hasbro

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Action Figures, Editorials

Transformers ToyA certain Providence-based company is looking for an Associate Publishing Manager.

They’re looking for someone who “will assist in developing and managing licensing relationships with designated publishing licensees that will produce books, (trade, comic books, etc) utilizing Company-owned trademarks and brands to generate revenue and expands brand awareness.”

You need some mad skillz for the position, a Bachelors degree (English, Marketing, or Communications), 3 years in publishing, licensing, marketing and/or sales experience and account management involving Publishing, and some smaller skillz.

The job is posted through an employment agency and the company name is kept a secret so the agency can earn their commission. But this is the era of Google which reveals that the leading company for this job, the only company in Providence, RI that’s likely to be involved in comics and licensing, is Hasbro.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Transformers, © Hasbro]

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BRITISH COMICS: TOXIC 143 Ice Age and Transformers!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Reviews

Continuing my sampling of British comic books, I picked up a copy of Toxic #143 (July 8-July 21, 2009). It’s another in a series of comic books disguised as a magazine, or is it a magazine disguised as a comic book? Either way, the editors at Toxic – and the publishers at Egmont - know their intended audience: the front cover boasts Ice Age 3 tie-ins, a Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen game guide, Lego Indy, and a Team Toxic comic. Plus, there’s a “Toxic Iceman” skeleton mold and ice pick in a blister pack that’s taped to the front cover. You can freeze him and then chip him out of the ice just like a real, well, a real guy who chips skeletons out of the ice.

There’s also an insert section of Ice Age 3 Battle Cards (on thicker stock) and directions on how to play the game. Inside are the usual magazine elements: photo features, pin-ups, games, puzzles, etc. Some of them tie-in to Ice Age 3, others into The Terminator, Transformers and Lego Indy. There’s a funny 2-page Team Toxic adventure where the gang takes on a Woolly Mammoth. It’s written and drawn by the great Lew Stringer. Jamie Smart contributes a poo-filled 1-pager featuring Super Von Poo and his sidekick Battleturd, and a silly Robin Hoodie 1-pager that’s uncredited.

For £2.50 (which works out to about $4.50US) it’s not a bad little package of silly stuff for the 7 or 8-year-old around the house. The layout is busy and every page is packed and it felt like money well-spent. Perhaps this is my gateway comic to Judge Dredd.

[Artwork: Cover to Toxic #143, ©Egmont Magazines UK]

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Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Posted by Todd Matthy Categories: Action Figures, Movies, Reviews

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Transformer Cameras

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cameras, Design

TransformersFilm Camera

These Korean Transformers are clever enough if you are thinking gifts. One of the cameras is in the shape of a 35mm roll of film. Curiously, you have to load a 35mm roll of film to get it to operate. The other is disguised as a coffee can and thankfully is not powered by a shot of caffeine. Each is 65 x 141mm, and will set you back 27,000 KRW (~$20.00) at 10x10.

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Amazon Summer Savings Event

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Hot Deals, Misc. Tech, Toys

Storm LauncherAmazon has put some of our fave toys on sale through June 18, in case you still haven’t gotten anything for Dad. Save 70% on selected Transformers, up to 50% off Spy Gear, and 20% off Air Hogs. They are also offering a free Jive Pod if you purchase 2 items. While this is a wondrous thing, shop quickly, because in most instances there are only a few of each left. Think of it as Amazon’s belated spring cleaning.

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