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Apple says that “App Store” does not imply a store for buying apps

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App Store trademark

According to Apple, an "app store" is not a store for apps. Right. Apple warns, the phrase "app store" is not generic and can only be used to describe their App Store, which is their...um, app store?

"Apple denies that, based on their common meaning, the words 'app store' together denote a store for apps," Apple said in a Thursday filing with a California district court.

Apple has been fighting several tech giants on this point lately. In March, Apple sued Amazon over its Amazon Appstore, arguing that Apple has the exclusive rights to the phrase because of its iTunes App Store. Apple has targeted Microsoft on similar grounds.

Last month, Amazon responded to the suit, arguing that the term "app store" is generic and that Apple should not be allowed to use it exclusively. Amazon cited the American Dialect Society, which recently voted "app" as the Word of the Year for 2010, noting "that although the word 'has been around for ages,' it 'really exploded in the last 12 months,' with the arrival of 'app stores' for a wide spectrum of operating systems for phones and computers.' Indeed the words 'app store' are commonly used among many businesses in the app store market," Amazon argued.

Apple is not buying it, at least not publicly. "Apple denies that the words 'app store' are commonly used among many businesses to describe mobile software download services and further denies that the term 'app store market' is used to describe the market for mobile software download services," the company reiterated in response to Amazon's filing.

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Charlie Sheen Wins in Cleveland, Trademarks Key Phrases

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Charlie Sheen - Violent Torpedo of Truth tour

We kinda hate to say that Charlie Sheen showed professionalism and grace by shouldering his epic defeat in Detroit and going on to rock Cleveland to score a huge standing ovation -- that’s too much like paying the former Two and a Half Men actor a compliment. Instead, we’ll blame his amazing recovery and newfound comedic chops on Adonis DNA… while it’s still free for us to do so.

That could change soon. Along with Adonis DNA, Charlie Sheen’s company Hyro-gliff has filed paperwork to trademark several of the entertainer’s popular phrases, including tiger blood, violent torpedo of truth, sober valley lodge and duh, winning.

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