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Black Friday 2011: Toys R Us

GameStop Black Friday 2011

Black Friday 2011 is near, and we've been collecting the best ads we can find, highlighting the good stuff. Here we've got the best from what Toys R Us will have to offer.  Interestingly enough, Toys R Us isn't even waiting for Friday to arrive, as their sales start at 9:00 pm on Thanksgiving, three hours before other stores will be kicking off their midnight Black Friday sales. Some highlights include a free $50 gift card when you buy an iPod touch, as well as great discounts on games for  Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, DS, PS3, Wii, and Kinect.

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Microsoft Kinect NYC launch event

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Microsoft launched their new Kinect motion sensor at midnight last night in New York City at the Toys R Us in Times Square, and the scene looked quite unreal. Streets were blocked off, long lines could be seen, and dancers wearing "You are the controller" t-shirts entertained the crowd. Overall, the launch appears to have gone smoothly and thousands of people are now discovering this new way to game on their Xbox 360 consoles. If you weren't part of the midnight crowd, you can still get yours for $149 at your local gaming store. For now, check out the video after the jump from one of the many who were outside in the mob.

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Black Friday 2009: Toys R Us ad

Toys R Us Black Friday 2009 ad

We’ve gotta say, Toys R Us gets big props from us for how they are handling their sale. Rather than making you wait out in the cold until four or five in the morning, they are opening up at midnight, and they’ve got a bunch of doorbusters to make you head straight on over after your Thanksgiving get-together. We are talking about tremendous deals on video games, toys, and even a few gadgets and titles. We’ve got the list for you after the jump.

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Collectors Line Up for Joker Doll

Joker action figureWhile the whole thing seems a bit morbid, I guess you kind of have to understand the reasoning.

In New York, collectors reportedly starting lining up around 4 A.M. this morning to cash in on Batman memorabilia.  Their object of desire?  The /Joker action figure.  The item, which sells for $9.99, quickly disappeared from the Times Square Toys “R” Us store and ended up on the internet within a matter of hours.  (There’s nothing like a tragic death that makes an eBay seller salivate more.)

Although some hopeful profiters have been requesting nearly $50 for both the Joker and Batman figures together, a spokesperson for the toy store says they expect to be getting shipments of products on a regular basis.

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Toys ‘R’ Us Big Toy Book Lists PS3, Wii Pre-Orders

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: PlayStation 3, Rumors, Wii,

Big Toy BookA post from the CheapAssGamer forums lists what are supposedly the first details for the Toys ‘R’ Us Big Toy Book for the upcoming holiday season. According to the poster, the new flyer lists Playstation 3 pre-orders as starting on October 29th, and will require a $50 deposit. Of course, “limited quantities will be available.” Interestingly, Nintendo’s Wii is shown in the catalog, but while the copy apparently tells customers that they can reserve the console, no details are listed. Gamers that missed previous pre-order opportunities may have another camp-out scheduled in their future.

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Rumor: Toys ‘R’ Us Pre-orders Start October 29

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Hardware, Nintendo, Rumors, Wii,

Wii A Toys “R” Us employee who is a member of the Cheap Ass Gamer forums has posted information about what are supposed to be the pre-order plans for the toy retailer. Supposedly $50 down will get you a place in line, and pre-orders are planned to start the new holiday Big Book arrives. According to the post, this should be Sunday, October 29th. Apparently, the store’s relationship with Nintendo continues – the poster says that Toys “R” Us will be the official launch partner for the Wii. Also, each store was reported to be getting a huge allocation; the chain supposedly will have more total consoles for pre-order than GameStop. If the numbers of consoles available for pre-order are true, gamers should be able to hit up their local Toys “R” Us on the day that tickets become available without having to camp out. None of this information has been officially confirmed, of course, but the poster’s history does have some insight into previous Toys “R” Us stores.

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Wii Makes Toys R Us Holiday Hot Toy List

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Wii Reuters today is reporting that for the first time, Toys “R” Us has included a video game system on its “hot toy” list for the holidays, Nintendo’s Wii. Toys “R” Us spokeswoman Kathleen Waugh cited the mass appeal of the console, stating that “the Wii system appeals to young kids as well as adults.” Another factor in the toy seller’s selection was having sufficient stock of the item during the holidays, which seems to indicate that Nintendo will be making their target allotments of the Wii during the holidays. Other toys occupying the list include the new TMX Elmo and Lego’s Mindstorms NXT.

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