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Nook Simple Touch Reader unveiled, aims sights at Kindle

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nook simple touch reader

Today, Barnes & Noble unveiled their revamped Nook e-reader, which they are calling the Simple Touch Reader.

The $139 device is available for pre-order immediately and will be in stores on or around June 10 at Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Walmart, and Staples.

The Android-based, e-reader measures 5 x 6.5 inches and weighs less than 7.5 ounces, which is 35 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than the first Nook. During a New York launch event, B&N CEO William Lynch promised the "longest battery life of any e-reader," or up to two months on a single charge, and 80 percent less flashing on the 6-inch touch screen; the white-out that occurs when flipping pages. There is 50 percent less contrast than the first-edition Nook.

The device has built-in Wi-Fi and will feature 2GB of onboard storage, expandable up to 32GB with microSDHC. It runs Android 2.1 and a 800MHz TI OMAP3 processor.

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HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web: First Web-Connected Printer Ever

HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web

just unveiled their HP PhotoSmart Premium with TouchSmart Web home printer. While that is a mouthful to say, we know, it actually turns out to be pretty cool technology for those of us who do still rely on a printer. The easiest way to describe it is, imagine if your printer had an iPhone-like control panel that was connected to the Internet, and controlled both the printer and could control and pull up web data for printing. That is what HP has put together here. Through the magic of HP Applications, you’ll be able to use the 4.33-inch control pad to pull up maps with directions, coupons, movie tickets, newspaper articles, are more. Even better, the apps are smart enough to know how best to print each piece of content, so all will usually look decent. If you have a Snapfish account, the printer can connect directly to that, and print photos…I know, thrilling. Luckily, the apps will be something that just about anyone can make, so the current limits that seem to be apparent as it pertains to which services you can use with this printer may actually fall to the wayside. The only barrier to companies spending time on making apps for this printer, though, are going to be in the numbers. The reason the Apple App Store has over 50,000 apps is because there are millions of and iPod touch units out there. We aren’t so sure that people will be rushing to buy the HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web when it hits stores this fall, what with its $399 price tag, but hey, we are all for innovation, and HP has at least tried to do that with this product.

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Nintendo DSi announced, larger screens, dual cameras, DSi Shop store

Nintendo DSi

Last week we talked about rumors of a new Nintendo DS, and this morning, those rumors proved to be true. CEO Satoru Iwata announced the Nintendo DSi at the company’s Fall presentation over in Japan, calling it a “third platform” for the company (where have we heard that before?). It looks fairly similar the the current DS Lite that we all know and love, but there are a few changes that make this one a worthy upgrade. First, it’s about 12% thinner, as it has given up its GBA slot. The screens are a bit larger, each being 3.25-inches in size. One of the bigger changes, though, is that the DSi features two cameras. You have one 3 megapixel camera on the outside of the unit, as well a front-facing camera on the inside so that you can take images of yourself.

The Nintendo DSi also has an SD card slot along with internal storage. You can save your photos right to the card, then put that card in your to pull it up in the Photo Channel. Nintendo is even launching the DSi Shop, an online destination for purchasing DSi software, similar to the Wii Shop. You use Nintendo Points, and content will be priced at 200, 500, or 800 points. 1000 points will be included with the purchase of the DSi. The unit will come in either white or black for the time being, and goes on sale in Japan on November 1 at ¥18,900 ($178).

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Dots Gloves for Touchscreens

Dots GlovesWinter will soon be upon us, and those of you with touchscreen devices may have to choose between risking scratching them with ordinary gloves or going inside to use them. Dots Gloves are an inexpensive, simple alternatives. They promise to keep your iPhone, iPod or other device smudge and scratch free. Available in two sizes and four colors, a pair can be yours for $13.00. Their Ragg Wools are also available in black or white for $18.00.

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