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New Xbox Live Terms of Service say you can’t sue Microsoft

Xbox Live TOS

Microsoft has wisely slipped a new proviso into the latest Xbox Live terms of service licensing agreement to prevent the kind of class action lawsuit Sony faced after the huge PSN data-breach and site downtime caused by hackers.

It's amusing since most of these agreements already take away the users' rights. The courts almost always uphold these supposed contracts, virtually giving any company the right to sell a faulty, or even dangerous, product.

Here is a snippet from the latest Xbox Live terms of service (TOS) :

"...if you live in the United States, you and Microsoft agree that if you and Microsoft do not resolve any dispute by informal negotiation ... any effort to resolve the dispute will be conducted exclusively by binding arbitration ... you understand and acknowledge that by agreeing to binding arbitration, you are giving up the right to litigate (or participate in as a party or class member) all disputes in court before a judge or jury."

Note the "in the United States" proviso. Many foreign countries do not allow these sorts of contracts, but few make it easy to file a class action lawsuit so it is not as important.

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Facebook Returns to Original TOS After Complaints

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Corporate News, Internet,

FacebookAfter an entire Facebook group complained about their new policy change that inferred that the site would have control of their users information “forever” as opposed to until closing an account, founder Mark Zuckerberg said that they would return to their previous terms of use, at least until they work out the semantics. He said that subscribers will continue to own their information unless it has already been given out. Over 100,000 joined the People Against the new Terms of Service (TOS) Group to make their views heard.

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‘Star Trek’ Remastered for HD DVD

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Animation, Sci-Fi/Horror, DVD, HDTV, Video,

Star Trek original castHighly original and ground-breaking in its day, offered viewers a glimpse of the possible future. Now, it is the future…and Trek is offering viewers a glimpse of what the series might have been if it were made today.

In a new set, season one of The Original Series is being released to the public with digitally enhanced footage. Here’s the problem: true don’t want anything digitally remastered or updated. The perfection is in the purity.  The exterior special effects features on TOS were updated and enhanced with technology. In some scenes, entire ships were replaced by digital effects.

The new additions look great and may help re-introduce younger generations to this old favorite, but some die-hard Trekkies will no doubt be up in arms over any change, no matter how great-looking.

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