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Top 5 Hottest Hatchback Cars in the U.S.

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Ford Focus ST

Europe always seems to get the best of breed when it comes to cars. Regardless of the make or model, Europe takes delivery of vehicles we can only dream of over here in America. Here in the States we’re often left with slightly bland, dumbed down, and unappealing vehicle selection. Even Ford, an American company, offers vehicles in Europe that we can’t get here at home like the Ford Falcon and Focus RS, which we’ll zone in more later in the article.

Europeans have a knack for the ultimate driving experience, and one thing we noticed during a visit over the Atlantic during the summer was their love of hatchbacks. No, we're not talking about some hokey-puck cheap car that you'd find a teenager racing around town in. These vehicles are actually pretty awesome. We've put together our list of five hot hatches to look out for and consider if and when you’re in the market. Read on!

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Move Over, Twilight: Counting Down the Five Best Vampire Movies

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Robert Pattinson is still hot; Kristen Stewart still has the sloe-eyed beauty thing down to a hilt. But is that enough to make us hold up as an icon in the vampire film genre? Let’s take a look at the five best vampire movies in Hollywood history…and see where this sequel-generating monster really falls in line.

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Five Lovable Big Screen Couples

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Grease - Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

Love is in air in February - or at least, it’s all over the entertainment industry. Retailers vie for our money, love-soaked television episodes hope for big ratings. The sappier the better, because doesn’t romance put everyone in a spending mood? In Hollywood, love stories are popular all year ‘round - but which lovable big screen couples continue to endure when other romances seems to fade? Some leading ladies and big screen hunks seem to have more chemistry than the average pair, and we love to watch them fall in love again and again.

Let’s look back at five lovable big screen couples, and see what happens when pretend romance is done right.

Olivia Newton-John and - They were both in their twenties when they filmed Grease, but they were the perfect High School couple. The enduring tale of bad-boy-falls-for-good-girl is perhaps best represented with rollicking music and 50s-era fashion - or at least, it’s more enjoyable that way. It’s all thanks to Sandy and Danny, who are so very lovable together.

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Top 5 Quotes from Gossip Girl’s Premiere

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Still haven’t caught on to ? Well, then here’s just a sampling of the witty dialogue you missed from Season 2’s premiere.

  1. “The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey is mourning Dan Humphrey.” - Blair talking to Serena about last season’s breakup
  2. “You’re lying. Your eyes are doing that thing when they don’t match your mouth.” - Chuck accusing Blair of making up story about a new man
  3. “Oh, God - the lifeguard’s got a Camaro. And not in an ironic ‘I’ve got a Camaro’ way.” - Serena being picked up by a date
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    Gossip Girl

Lost: Greatest Hits - David’s Top Five of Awesomeness

Lost Greatest HitsIf the “Greatest Hits” episode of Lost proved one thing, it’s that the writers of are stealing my “Top 5 of Awesomeness” idea and incorporating it in their show.  Jealous much?  Fine, fine, you can make it up to me by having me write for your show.  Deal?

Maybe not.  Still, as the penultimate (and really, how often do you get the chance to use that word?) episode, it was a terrific way of setting things up for the big climactic two hour finale, which I’ll watch on TiVo right after I find out that Jordin won Idol.

In the meantime, who’s ready for five awesome things?

EVERYBODY GETS A LINE.  EVERYBODY!  - Well, except Locke.  People often gripe that such-and-such episode didn’t have such-and-such character in it, and I’m typically annoyed by that complaint.  I mean, there are roughly 108 people in the cast, so each one of them can’t really be front and center every week, otherwise each episode would be about 7 hours long.  Which wouldn’t be all that bad of a thing, considering what some of the networks are going to be putting on the air next season.

Oh, and side note to CBS: Your new show “Moonlight,” the one about the vampire who is a private investigator and hates other vampires?  Yeah, I would go back to whoever pitched that show and make sure he/she is not just copying scripts from the show “Angel,” which, if you didn’t see it, was on the WB and was about, hmm, how should I put this, THE EXACT SAME THING.  Come on.

Anyway, giving the complainers nothing to complain about, nearly every character was integrated into the storylines of this episode.  With the exception of Locke (and, if you have to get technical, Tom/Mr. Friendly), the following characters were part of “Greatest Hits”: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Claire, Charlie, Hurley, Desmond, Sayid, Rousseau, Rose, Bernard, Aaron, Naomi, Richard, Karl, Ben, Juliette, Alex, and even Vincent the dog made an appearance.  That’s an awesome episode right there.

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Lost: The Man Behind the Curtain - David’s Top Five of Awesomeness

LostAnother week, another very cool and dark episode of .  Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of this episode is that it redeemed, be it ever so slightly, the miserable mess that was Tricia Tanka is Dead (or something close to that; I’m so annoyed with that episode I don’t even want to go look it up) by showing us that Roger Workman is really Ben’s father.  It was a creepy episode, with thankfully lots of Locke and Ben, and, of course, lots of awesome things.  Shall I name 5?

It’s Still Super Dark - Last week was a very dark episode, not just dark for Lost, but dark for prime time network TV in general.  Now, true, I don’t watch the approximately eight million television shows that deal with an elite group of crime fighting professionals that set out to stop a surprising number of serial killers, so I can’t say for sure that Lost is the darkest show on TV,


, this week’s episode started with a woman dying in childbirth, featured a father who told his son (the young, Harry Potter-ish Ben) that this was Ben’s fault, and went on to include a father killing his son, a foreboding cabin in the woods, the death of several people at once in a “purge,” and, finally, a mass grave.

ABC’s owned by Disney.  Just to remind you.  The fact that Disney’s allowing this kind of darkness, that’s pretty awesome.

Ben’s “Psycho” - No, I’m not saying that Benjamin Linus is psychotic; I’m saying that in Jacob’s cabin he was doing quite a reenactment of Anthony Perkins talking to his “mother” in the movie Psycho.  But this was something different and equally as spooky.  He was utterly convincing, I mean, he really seemed to believe somebody was there.  Is Ben crazy?  Well, that’s possible.  Somebody who’s been on that island for so long, never knew his mother, killed his father ... would you really be surprised if a guy like that snapped?  Is Ben lying?  Well, that’s possible too.  Ben’s been lying since we met him, strung up in one of Rousseau’s traps.  He could have easily staged this elaborate ruse of Jacob’s cabin in order to scare Locke or anybody else who questions Ben back into submission.  From the moment Ben brought Locke into that cabin until the poltergeist-like barrage that sent both of them running out, that was a supremely creepy scene.  In a word: awesome.

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LOST: D.O.C. - David’s Top Five of Awesomeness

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Lost DOCSo, yes, loyal Internet pals, I’m back.  What, you didn’t know I’d gone anywhere?  Double what, you don’t even read the names of the authors of these articles?  My bad (But you should check out, for example, Veronica Santiago’s Top Model recaps, which are very good.  Also, my stuff is uniformly awesome).  Anyhow, I (that would be, David L. Williams) am back from my wedding and honeymoon, which where perfect and wonderful.  Also wonderful?  Both events happened in the central time zone, aka the place where I can once again watch “” at 9pm.  Now that I’ve returned to NYC, however, I have to suck it up and stay up a little later.  But I’ll deal.
Lost, I’ve noticed, has been taking some hits in the press lately, and here are my two thoughts about this: “Shut” and “Up.”  Then again, maybe all of the negative press will drive away the casual viewers who complain to me on Thursday morning that “they really didn’t answer anything,” and when I explain how they’re wrong they’ll say, “Oh, really?  I missed a few episodes last month, so I didn’t understand what that one part meant.”  Lost should have always been a cult show, but it somehow tumbled its way into accidentally being a hit show, which is good because it means it won’t be cancelled, but bad because, well, because of the people I just mentioned.  Anyway. Lost is still head and shoulders better than anything on network TV and every week each episode has at least five awesome things about it (except for the week when Hurley found the van because … what the hell, dude?), so I’ve decided to take it upon myself to list these five awesome things after each episode.  Ready?  Okay!

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