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Brush Your Teeth With Hannah Montana

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MC ToothbrushFile this one under anything to make a buck. We can handle a Bono iPod, or an Armani cell phone, but a Miley Cyrus Toothbrush? The harder you brush, the louder it “sings” for up to a total of 2 minutes of “Pumpin’ Up the Party.” We’re not sure we can deal with that much of the tween idol at one time, but thank goodness after you invest in the brush for $9.99, both the brush head and batteries are non-replaceable. Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff models are also available at Hasbro. We think we will wait for a more rocking version, perhaps with the Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper.”

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Who Needs a Concept When You Can DIY?

Brush and RinseBrush and Rinse 2

The Brush and Rinse Toothbrush on the left features a concave back to create a mini-water fountain to your mouth so that no one will catch you slurping out of the faucet. Although you can purchase one for only $3.00, we understand that there are only 27 original prototypes in existence and that they are available for $1,750.00 each. We took our average toothbrush and attached a measuring spoon to the back with a twist-tie and it worked just fine. We suppose we could let it go for a mere $1,000.00, since our version is a one-of-a-kind and very slightly used.


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Bleeding Edge TV 154: HydraBrush Dual-Sided Electric Toothbrush

There are all sorts of high-quality electronic toothbrushes out there. HydraBrush aims to take some of the attention off of the Oral B Professionals and SoniCares of the world by combining 8 microbrushes that you actually bite into. By doing so, you get a full brushing on both sides of your teeth as well as a gum massage. Don’t mind the demo, as we were just as uncomfortable watching it in person as we are sure you are watching from the comfort of your screens. In any event, the HydraBrush is available for $109 USD.