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Bleeding Edge TV 416: Victorinox Swiss Army 1 Terabyte SSD

We chat with Victorinox Swiss Army at CES 2012 about its upcoming monster 1 TB SSD drive that will be available soon. Meant for the data road warriors out there, this 1 terabyte SSD fits into the size of a flash drive in your pocket, and will retail for $2999 when it goes on sale. It also has a small display integrated into its side, which can give you information about the drive and the data held on the drive.

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Verbatim Tuff-Clip Flash Drive

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: Accessories, USB, Storage,

Verbatim Tuff-Clip Flash Drive

For those of you who are afraid of accidentally smashing your thumb drive, then you might want to invest in the Tuff-Clip stick from Verbatim.  Not only is it made of tough ABS plastic, but it has a retractable cap and handy clip-on hook.  It is available in 4GB and 8GB versions for $30 and $50, respectively. 

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Shuriken USB Thumb Drive

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Accessories, USB, Storage,

Shuriken Thumb DriveAlmost every geek also has a passion for ninjas, and now you can show your allegiance with this Shuriken USB Thumb Drive. At a size of 70 x 70 x 7mm, the device can hold 2GB of data, but note that although it is complete in shape, you would be advised not to go after your enemies with it in your spare time. Note the caution that it has sharp edges which means this is not the gift for anyone with small kids or chewing puppies. The Shuriken drive is available for JPY 10,500.00 (~$109.00.)

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Super Talent 18-Carat Gold USB Drive

Posted by Patrick Phelps Categories: Accessories, USB, Misc. Tech, Storage,

Super Talent 18-Carat Gold USB DriveLooking for a gift for that special someone who already has everything beyond reason? Memory specialist Super Talent has announced a limited availability custom made solid 18-Carat gold “collector’s edition” of their Pico-C drive. The $599.00 8GB plug-and-play drive features up to 200X (30MB/sec) data transfer speed, is water resistant and comes with a matching gold keychain and a black velvet box. The device also includes a serialized certificate of authenticity, FIPS certified AES-256 encryption and can be laser etched with text or a company logo – if I could get my hands on one, it would certainly be etched with my own initials – proving that bling is a term with infinite possibilities.

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Lenovo 2008 Olympics Thumb and Flash Drives

Torch DriveMascot Flash Drive

Wonder how China will be able to pay for all that high-tech stuff from the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Summer Olympics? Aside from tickets, Lenovo has become the official drive designer/manufacturer. Their Limited Edition 4BG thumb drive is made from the same material as the torch and goes for a whopping $980.00. Their Mascot series of 4GB flash drives have a Fuwa image on the front and one has the logo. The set is available for a less expensive $199.99.

If you are really into the games and want a different perspective, visit Lenovo’s site for news, extreme coverage, and Medal Tracker.


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The J. Lo USB Flash Drive, for “Brave” Ones Only

J. Lo USB Flash Drive

These days, making fun of is the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. And the Latina diva is not doing herself any favors with this gadget she‘s endorsed. To promote the release of her new CD “Brave”, the multi-hyphenate, along with luxury cellphone company Gresso, released a limited edition 1GB flash drive, made of African mahogany and engraved with her initials.  The drive also includes a copy of “Brave.” Not so bad…until you discover the drive costs a whopping $70 USD! This writer actually likes some of Jenny’s songs and flicks (yeah, I said it), but feels the expectant mom is in serious need of an ego check.


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The 1GB USB Penguin Flash Drive: Cutest Gadget Ever?

Penguin Flash DriveWho doesn’t love penguins? The success of Oscar winners “March of the Penguins” and “Happy Feet” proves the world adores that quirky, comical flightless bird. Gadget-wise, we’ve featured the shower radio and iPenguin, which yours truly—who has collected penguins for too many years to mention— happily owns. Now comes the 1GB Penguin Flash Drive, which includes the very handy ReadyBoost technology for Vista users. The penguin’s head actually protects the USB connector…just flip it up and you’re good to go. Impossibly cute and functional, we think Linux users (and fellow penguin-philes) will love it. The 1GB Penguin Flash Drive is available in Black/White or Black/Gray for approx. $34 USD.

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Play Music Off Your Thumb Drive with Kinyo’s Flash Player

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Music, Portable Audio / Video, USB,

Kinyo Flash Player Many of us use our trusty thumb drive to store our music, but how would you like to play your music from said drive? We bring you the Kinyo MB-200 Portable USB Flash Player, a rather long moniker for a small and handy speaker. That’s right: just plug your thumb drive into the MB-200’s USB port and press play. The speaker plays MP3, WAV and WMA formats, has an equalizer, and is compatible with iPods, MP3 or CD players and other music sources. While speaker systems with USB ports are nothing new, the MB-200 is easily one of the smaller ones. Requires AAA batteries or AC adapter (both included!). Unfortunately, there is no pricing info on the product website.

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The Lego 1GB USB Drive

Lego 1GB DriveBoy, have times changed. When we were kids, Lego was just a bunch of plastic brick toys. Fast forward to 2007, and Lego now appeals to all age groups, with it’s own quirky Star Wars video game franchise, home and bath accessories(!), and now—a 1GB thumb drive, courtesy of Zip Zip. When closed, it looks like a standard Lego brick, however a drive is revealed when opened. It even comes with a strap to hook on to your keyring. Very cool and retro—just don’t let your little one grab it, lest it become a piece of that Lego Millennium Falcon he’s building. Available in six colors for $50 USD.

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PNY’s College Logo Flash Drives

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, USB, Storage,

PNY Flash Drive

Still hankering to show off your school spirit, even though March Madness is over? Consider a USB Flash drive with the logo of your favorite college team, courtesy of PNY. Guaranteed coolness on campus and off, and a great conversation piece to boot. The drives come in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB sizes, with prices ranging from a reasonable $15-$45 USD. However, this “special pricing” from PNY only lasts until April 16, so hurry!


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