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The USB Think Light Helps Improve Your Typing Speed

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, USB, PC / Laptop,

USB Think Light

We wonder what Thomas Alva Edison would have made of this incarnation of the light bulb, courtesy of the always-entertaining Brando website. It’s the Think Light, and basically, the faster you type, the brighter the lamp shines. If you stop typing, the lamp goes off. That’s it!  We suggest pairing it with Brando’s equally wacky USB Mini Fridge to add a little fun and frivolity to your

mundane job

workday. By the way, if you’re seriously looking to test your typing speed and accuracy, we highly suggest the video game
“The Typing of the Dead”, part of the “House of the Dead” video game franchise, in which you kill zombies by correctly typing words that flash onscreen. Yes, we’re serious. The USB Think Light is available for $15.

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