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Denzel Washington Never Goes to the Movies

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Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington never goes to the cinema because the paparazzi ruin the experience for him.

The 58-year-old actor may have a distinguished acting career, but he admits he's not really a fan of taking a trip to the movies himself because he hates being bombarded by photographers afterwards: "I don't go to the movies; well, you know, it becomes a drag. You've got to go to certain theatres. I went to Century City [in Los Angeles, California] once and by the time I came out, they were waiting, the paparazzi, so it kind of messes up your experiences."

The Flight star claims the last film he can remember watching at the cinema was The Hurt Locker - which was released in 2008 - but he is adamant he must have been to see a flick on the big screen at least once in the last five years to watch a movie. "I'm embarrassed to say I'm not much of a film-goer ... I haven't been to the movies in a while. I'm trying to think of the last movie I saw in the theater. It wasn't The Hurt Locker, it had to have been one since then!" he explained.


Run-DMC’s Story Headed for the Stage

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are in talks to turn their story into a Broadway production.

The two surviving members of the pioneering hip-hop group - Reverend Run and DMC - have met with a Hollywood producer to discuss turning the story of their career into a musical. The project is to being headed up by - who produced Hollywood films Mission: Impossible and Valkyrie.

“Run-DMC’s lyrics and music are infectious. It’s vibrant, it’s alive,” Paula said. “Who they are and what they did was a culturally defining moment. It embraced everybody. Their rise to fame is innately theatrical. It speaks to everybody.”

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Jonas Bros in Theaters Friday

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Jonas Brothers

Disney’s held a press conference recently to drum up publicity before the release of their new concert film, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, scheduled to hit theaters this Friday.

“We can’t give too many details as to what cities or how many cities we’ll be going to,” Nick Jonas stated. “This is a concert experience not only because you’re watching a show, but because you’re a part of it. You’re a part of our family in the movie and we want to be there with them when they see it.”

Isn’t that sweet? But will even this clever bit of promotion help the Jonas Brothers movie beat the flick at the box office? Not bloody likely.

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NFL Offers Live 3D Game

Football Field

The NFL decided to broadcast the first live 3D football game. It was shown in theaters in LA, Boston and New York last night. Team owners, journalists and producers were invited to see the technology developed by 3ality Digital. They planted three 3D crews, with their own commentary, next to 2D counterparts for the game between the Oakland Raiders and S.D. Chargers. They call it an “up close, personal, visceral experience.” We call it a little too close to the action and were glad to hear that it is not going to happen on a large scale any time soon.


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Racier Trailers Coming to Theaters

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red band trailer

If you purchase a ticket at a Regal Cinemas theater anytime soon, you may see something new on your movie screen:  a red band trailer.

These - intended for ‘restricted audiences’ only - would contain scenes viewable at R, NC-17 or unrated films.  They would be mixed in with the normal green band previews that ‘have been approved for all audiences’ by the MPAA.

Although clips with more adult matter - such as crude and sexual content - are not new to the internet, theater chains have been wary of playing them fearing they’d be viewed by the wrong demographic.

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Digital Movie Screens Come to Hollywood

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Hannah MontanaAccess Integrated Technologies says it has joined with Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount to convert 10,000 movie screens to digital. AIT figures it will cost up to $700 million and take 3 years to complete the project, which was started in October with the transformation of 3,700 theaters. For an additional $25,000 for extra hard and software, the same screens can be used for 3-D movies, such as the recent Hannah Montana flick. Hollywood knows that they make more money than 2-D, so we guess the amount will pay for itself since we don’t see any bigtime celebs offering to take pay cuts.

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In Theaters This Weekend (9/28)

The Kingdom

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

  • The Game Plan (PG):  starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Madison Pettis (directed by Andy Fickman)
  • The Kingdom (R):  starring Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner (directed by Peter Berg)
  • The Darjeeling Limited* (R):  starring Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson (directed by Wes Anderson)
  • Feast of Love* (R):  starring Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear (directed by Robert Benton)
  • Lust, Caution* (NC-17):  starring Tony Leung, Tang Wei (directed by Ang Lee)
  • Outsourced* (PG-13):  starring Larry Pine, Asif Basra (directed by John Jeffcoat)
  • Trade* (R):  starring Kevin Kline, Cesar Ramos (directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner)

*limited or gradual release

Harry Potter and the Book That Sold

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DescriptionThe seventh (and last) edition to the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, hasn’t even hit the shelves yet, and it’s already sold more than one million copies. According to Amazon.com, J.K. Rowling’s last Harry novel is the most pre-ordered product in Amazon’s history, with 1.6 million copies already on the pre-order list for shipment around the world. The book will be in bookstores worldwide on July 21, though sales are expected to rise by several hundred thousand copies by that time. Rowling has publicly stated that “at least two” characters will die in this last book, though she refuses to give any hints about who those characters might be. Rowling, with more than 325 million copies of Harry books sold, is the first author to ever make a billion dollars from her literary efforts. The Harry Potter franchise includes a highly successful string of movies, with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix scheduled for theaters July 13. The final movie won’t make it to the theatres until 2010.

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