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Video: Motorola begins teasing the Droid Bionic

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The Droid Bionic is a woman! Motorola on Wednesday released the teaser video, "Rule All Machines," for its upcoming Droid Bionic smartphone.

And like in previous ads, the video personifies the device rather than show any part of the actual phone (see below); the latest Droid incarnation is a black leather-clad assassin with a bit of a Black Widow-meets-Droid logo edge.

No, no details yet on an actual launch date or price. The Droid Bionic is arguably Motorola's most highly anticipated product this year, perhaps because it has been delayed since, well, January. The Bionic was hit with one delay after another, forcing Verizon to release a statement explaining that it was undergoing some design revisions. No price has been announced, but an alleged advertisement pegged the phone at $300.

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Optoma’s pocket-sized Pico projector

Pico Projector

If you’re tired of watching movies on your iPod’s tiny screen you may be excited by this innovation: the Optoma Pico Projector is a pocket-sized projector which runs on batteries and can project images and videos from a variety of sources like iPod, iPhone, digital cameras, cellphones and DVD players with 480x320 resolution and a maximum screen size of 65 inches at 8.5 feet. It uses a non-replaceable 20,000 hour LED lamp and a DLP chip from Texas Instruments. The battery lasts for 90 minutes and can be recharged through USB or with its own power cord. The device weighs four ounces and comes with a built-in speaker which is practically useless – its primary flaw. If you want one, it goes on sale in two weeks and will cost $430, which should clear up some space in your pocket.

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