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Review: USB Exercising Mouse

USB Exercising Mouse

This little guy has been out for a while now, but when our English buds from Crazy About Gadgets sent us a USB Exercising Mouse, we just had to put him through his paces (pun intended.) While waiting for the software to upload, we noticed that Microsoft warned us that it had not undergone safety testing by them. (Thanks for looking out for us, but we’ll take the risk.) Full review and video after the jump.

(Thanks, Phillip)

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Take the Daily Lunchtime Quiz

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Want to find out how much you know about what you eat? Take the Spoon Candy quiz, a 20 question test about breakfast trivia. We won’t tell you just how difficult this one is or how badly we did. What we will tell you is that if you sucked at this trivia test, you can take another on Mental Floss’ Daily Lunchtime Quiz. Choose between Girlie Middle Names for Men, Discontinued Ben & Jerry’s Flavors or Bands found on MySpace, Quarter Backs, and more. The site lists how many times the quiz was taken and the average score.


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