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Eurovia Pavement Varnish Warns of Ice

Eurovia Varnish

When you are indoors you can feel safer with the Footlume rug and France’s Eurovia is working on a way to let drivers know about icy conditions outside. Going through trials now, the temperature sensitive varnish turns pinkish when the road begins to freeze to less than 1º C and returns to its natural color when it melts. The paving company is hoping that its testing, including a 5 km stretch near Havre, will be successful enough to let us all share in its benefits soon.


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Fête Keeps Constant Temperature

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Fête Serving PlatesRosalin Chanyasak has designed this prototype for those of us that prefer our hot food to remain that way for more than a minute or two. The Fête Serving Plates use thermoelectric technology to maintain either hot or cold temperatures. Made of polycarbonate, they are dishwasher safe and come with covers so that you can pop them in the fridge if you have leftovers. LED icons show the ingredient list for alergy info, although we are pretty sure in most instances you would know that anyway.

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Turn Your TV Into a Weather Station

TV Weather Station

We have found a device that allows you to keep up with the current weather without waiting until the 11:00 news. The TV Weather Station works on your TV screen with data received from outdoor sensors up to about 200 feet. Hook it up with its included RCA cable and receive 11 weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed and chill factor, and barometric pressure from its sensors and radio transmitter. It also forecasts the next 12 hours based on trends from the past 3 days. The station will set you back $129.95 and requires 4 AA batteries (not included), but we still think it would be an improvement from the yardstick in a tin can that we have in our backyard.


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Embraco Helps Gamers Chill Out

Refrigerated Docking Station

When we first saw this gadget, we though it was meant to tell your shoe size electronically. Embraco, in cooperation with Intel, has created the Refrigerated Docking Station for gaming laptops that, with its compressor, churns out cool air as opposed to just blowing around what is already there. It can reduce the temperature as much as 40%. There is also a temperature sensor to keep track of its progress. Available for the Holiday rush, this should carry a MSRP of about $150.00.


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