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Echo Free USB to Phone adaptor

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cell Phones, Internet, PC / Laptop, USB,

Echo FreeCuPhone’s Echo Free USB to Phone adaptor allows you to make both Skype and land line phone calls globally at no charge. You can choose whether to use your PSTN line to route the call to your Skype or start from the Skype with the phone key pad. You can also use it to conference with a local PC, remote Skyper, and a public phone. The CuPhone works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operated systems and it has an independent sound card so it won’t occupy your sound channel. Get one for $34.00.

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NYTE Shows Patterns of Communication Through Art

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Internet, Misc. Tech, Science,

Globe EncountersOnce again, science has crossed over into the area of art. MIT has teamed with AT&T to create New York Talk Exchange, which debuted this week at the Museum of Modern Art. The NYTE measures the volume of IP and telephony that goes in and out of the city anonymously. It then is portrayed visually at the museum as well as on the Internet. Globe Encounters displays NY’s connections to other cities globally. Pulse of the Planet shows how they alter during a 24 hour period with time zone changes. The third exhibit studies the five boroughs and how they vary.
Studying the data shows that New York tends to “reach out and touch” Asia and South America, whereas London concentrates on New York and Europe. They are hoping that it will help in studies overall in the area of globalization.The display will be active through May 12.

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Projection Telephone Quietly Shows Your Caller

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cell Phones, Household, Misc. Tech,

Projection TelephoneDon’t want to get out of bed to find who is calling at an ungodly hour? You need the Projection Telephone. The device will show name and number on either your wall or ceiling with its LED and has a total lifespan of ~100,000 hours. Featuring an inductive switch, it carries a price of $29.15. It’s products like this that makes you happy that land lines still exist. About all we can do with our cell phone is turn it off before we retire or hope that callers are smart enough not to interrupt our beauty sleep.

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Do Not Call List May Become Automatic Renewal

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cell Phones, Internet, Misc. Tech,

TelemarketingIf you signed up for the Do Not Call telemarketers list back when it began in June, 2003, you may not have to do it again if Rep. Mike Doyle has his way. Originally it was decided that one would have to re-register every five years, the FTC explained, to allow for changes of address and phone number. Doyle says that the list already removes those outdated numbers and feels it should be automatic. You can register your land line and cell phone numbers or file complaints at donotcall or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

It’s nice that someone up there in Washington may finally cut through some red tape to allow us something better to do with our time than having to call a number to be placed on a list which was created to keep us off another list.

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Vonage Keeps Changing Our E-911 Settings To An Incorrect Address

Vonage E-911Vonage E-911 isn’t helping us at all in our home. For some reason, despite inputting the correct address over and over, Vonage automatically changes it to a completely different address. One that isn’t even in the same city, in fact. At first, it was an annoyance. You see, when we signed up for Vonage, we gave them our address and thought that was that. A couple weeks later, we got a confirmation email saying that the address we submitted was accepted - however, in the email, it listed an address we had never seen before. Odd, we thought. We changed it back, and went along on our way…until a couple weeks later we got the same email. Our change has been accepted, but…again, Vonage changed our submission to that same address in a city that is ten minutes from where we have service. We changed it back, and dropped Vonage a support email. We never heard back from Vonage on support. However, two days ago we needed to call an ambulance to rush our 3-year old to the hospital in what was a life-threatening situation. Fortunately, the 911 operator has our correct address come up on her screen - something that when you are in the midst of an emergency, you don’t want to take the time to have to recite.

However, the day AFTER that frantic 911 call, guess what we found in our email inbox…

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Customize your Home Phone’s Ring with Magic Ringtone

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Household, Music,

Magic RingtoneSo we told you about Horntones, which allows you to change your car’s horn to any sound or song in MP3 format. Sounds fun but potentially dangerous and chaotic. Here’s something similar but a lot safer: a device called Magic Ringtone allows you to change your home phone’s ring to that of any MP3 sound. Just transfer the file from your PC to the device via USB, then attach your landline phone. Now instead of an generic ring, you can choose a babbling brook or a babbling Britney to alert you of incoming calls. We especially love the low cost of $12 USD, but apparently so does everyone else, as the Magic Ringtone is currently sold out. Stay tuned…

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ZiPhone II USB Telephone

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Broadband, Internet, USB,

ZiPhone II

The ZiPhone II USB Telephone from Simple Simon has been drawing a lot of attention this past week, due to the money-saving features and call recording capabilities that is boasts. Even more, we see the hacker / designer aspect of the phone with it’s programmer’s development kit and sample code as well. The phone connects to a PC over a USB connection and utilizes VoIP for communications on that end. It doesn’t stop there though, as it can also connect to a standard land line as well as analog PBX connections as well. What’s fantastic is that it can be managed through any Windows-based VoIP SoftPhone or virtual PBX system on the market. The ZiPhone II runs for $199.95 USD.

[Thanks, sightandsound!]

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Sonare Technologies’ Babble Device Stops Eavesdropping Cold

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Misc. Tech,

Sonare Technologies' BabbleWork in a job that deals with confidential information? Is your desk near the office loudmouth? Do co-workers eavesdrop on your private calls? We introduce you to Sonare Technologies’ Babble, a small device for your office or cubicle that offers complete privacy by disguising your voice while on the phone. How? At the push of a button (any time during a conversation), Babble transmits scrambled recordings of your voice, which sounds like background noise to nosybodies within earshot. Babble is compatible with most office phone systems and plugs into the nearest outlet. Available now at $395 USD, Babble may be a little pricey, but if it keeps sensitive information private—and workers happy—employers may consider it well worth the cost.

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