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DJ Earworm Mashes Up 2010’s Biggest Hits

You can look back at 2010 and think about the Gulf Oil Spill, the Tea Party movement or the Chilean Mine incident.

Or, you can fondly remember the year for a whole new round of infectious music.

Can’t recall the tracks you were introduced to over the past 12 months? Then check out the latest creation from DJ Earworm above.

Billboard’s Top 25 Hits of 2010 – which are all incorporated in the mashup -- are listed in full after the jump.

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Barbie Gets Racy as Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga's Meat DressFirst came the Christian Louboutin collection, which was odd yet fairly acceptable; however, consumers are quick to see a desperate company in highly publicized collaborations like this. This time, Mattel is grabbing headlines by presenting a series of dolls that represent Lady Gaga's most memorable costumes outfits.

Considering this line's predilection for Gaga's more controversial looks -- the meat dress, the hair extension outfit, her sister's graduation look, and the barely-there caution tape "bodysuit" -- more concern lay in the attention this collection receives rather than what parents and traditional Barbie enthusiasts would prefer to purchase.

Lady Gaga, despite her intense wardrobe, has worn many beautiful and classy dresses (the McQueen dress she wore to the MTV VMAs, for instance) that would have been amazing to see on the iconic doll; yet, the company seems to have placed their standards for quality at an alarmingly low rate.

Either way, check out the rest of the dresses after the jump. They even made one for Beyonce from the "Telephone" video; unfortunately, judging by how little the doll actually resembles Beyonce, it looks like Mattel was not worried about slacking on the now less-popular singer's miniature counterpart.

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VMAs: Gaga for Lady’s Bad Romance

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Sorry, music lovers. is here to stay.

The fashion-forward pop star scored a staggering 13 Video Music Awards nods from MTV, more than any other recording artist has ever received. “Bad Romance” is nominated in the Best Pop Video, Best Female Video and Best Dance Video categories.

“Telephone” and “Bad Romance” are both nominated in the Video of the Year category, making Gaga the first female artist to have two videos in the group at the same time.

The 2010 MTV will be broadcast live on Sunday, September 12 at 9 p.m. ET.

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LISTEN: Britney Spears Performs Gaga’s “Telephone”

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may have found success with her song “Telephone,” but it was nearly someone else’s (likely) hit.

Although was given the opportunity to record the Gaga-penned tune, the pop princess ultimately turned it down.

Listen to this demo track and hear what could have possibly been had Spears made the song her own.

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Viktor and Rolf Designed Gaga Prison Wear

Lady Gaga in Viktor and RolfFashionable pop singer asked to look like a prisoner in her latest music video.

The eccentric singer teamed up with designers Viktor and Rolf for “Telephone” - her duet with - as she wanted them to create her a bespoke costume, which was inspired by spending time behind bars. As a result, in some scenes in the video Gaga wears a dark grey leopard jersey jumpsuit with a studded bodice decorated with metal chains.

“Lady Gaga asked us to design a prisoner’s outfit. This is how we imagined Gaga if she was incarcerated. She inspired us and her bodysuit was included in our brand new ‘glamour factory’ collection. It is styled with a huge pile of exaggerated metal chain necklaces.”

As well as her Viktor and Rolf prison outfit, Gaga and Beyonce also wear designs by outlandish designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac - with Beyonce choosing a blue jacket from the collection and Gaga sporting a bespoke dress.

Lady Gaga Telephone music video featuring Beyonce

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has been teasing fans with photos and video clips from the set of the Telephone music video, building anticipation to the eventual release of the almost 10-minute final copy. You can finally get a look at the collaboration between Lady Gaga and . The video continues right where the Paparazzi music video left off, it seems. Even odder, at the end, we get a “to be continued.” Any guesses on which track will be used for the follow-up video?

Japan Offers Hikari One Home Gigabit

KDDI logoSome lucky Japanese Internetters are about to receive up to a 1 GBps fiber connection. The FTTH is offered by telco KDDI for about ¥5,560 (~$52.00) a month with additional telephone and premium TV channels offered for an additional fee. Hikari One Home Gigabit is in fact about $20.00 less than their current 100Mbit/s service. The router supports only 802.11b and g Wi-Fi thusfar.

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Canon has introduced its FAXPHONE/Printer L90 that uses laser technology for both. Built for small businesses and home offices, it produces 13 cpm and 15 ppm in print mode. It also features an up to 33.6 Kbps Super G3 modem for a speed of about 3 seconds per page. Images have a 600x600 dpi print resolution in monochrome and the device has a 30-sheet auto-sheet feeder. The FAXPHONE, with its convenient 15 one-touch dials and 100 coded dials, will be out this month with a price of $199.99.

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Cheeseburger and French Fry Phones

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Want to know what to go with your Budweiser Phone? A Cheeseburger or French Fry Phone, of course. The Cheeseburger is 4 x 4 x 2 3/8-inches, weighs 330g, has redial, tone/pulse option, and LED in-use display for $15.99. The red French Fry Phone is 115 x 75 x 35mm, weighs 196g, has the same features as the other phone, and will set you back $8.99. At those prices, you can have faux-edible phones all over the house.

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Budweiser Bottle and Can Phones

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Bud PhoneBud Can Phone

Show everyone that you love the king of beers with the Budweiser Bottle or Can Phone. Stand it up until you are ready to make a call, as once you pick it up you will get a dial tone. Headphones and mic are attached to the body. The bottle phone comes with an extra long cord, is made of PVC, and features auto-redial. Each phone carries a MSRP of $11.99. Just remember not to accidentally toss it after a particularly long weekend party.


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