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Baby Bidou MP3 Player

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Music, Portable Audio / Video,

Baby Bidou MP3 PlayerBaby Bidou apparently believes in getting kids used to electronics when they have barely left the crib. Displayed at the recent Kind + Jugend 2008 in Cologne, Germany, their MP3 Teddy Bear meets toy safety standards for ages 36 months to 5 years. The player is cordless (batteries not included) and has a built-in loudspeaker. Available in blue, pink, or non-gender specific beige/caramel, you can purchase one online for 69.99€ (~$100.00.) The site also offers music and story downloads recommended for that age group, although it will play any MP3 tunes.

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Willcom Kuma Bear Phone

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Kuma Bear Phone

Let’s all raise our hands if we want Willcom’s Kuma Bear Phone. Who wouldn’t want to look ludicrous holding a teddy up to his/her ear and speaking into its tummy? Apparently it was a smash at the recent 2008 Good Design Expo in Tokyo. It holds up to four speed dial numbers for Tom and Katie and will come out of its furry holder when Suri get older. After all, at a price of $500.00, who else could afford it?


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Cold? Nuke Your Teddy Before Bedtime

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FF Teddy BearWe’re sort of torn between the pros and cons of the microwaveable Forever Friends Bear. Made in England, the fuzzy critter is 14-inches tall and weighs about 2 pounds. If you nuke him for about 2 minutes, he heats up to “soothe, comfort, and relax.” CE approved, the FF bear is available for £14.99 ($29.23.)  We like the idea of the warmth factor but we wonder if after repeated usage, the teddy bear and its keeper will glow in the dark.

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