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Game Time Sports Schedule Watch

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Game Time WatchExtreme sports freaks will dig the Game Time Schedule Watches. Each is programmed with your favorite team’s schedule as well as the other teams. It provides you with current opponent and game time and future or past games. The watch is available in most major sports types and connects by USB to download the next season’s schedule. It also has an mini-tune to let you know when it is game time, an alarm, backlighting and is water-resistant. Most of them run about $89.00.

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Beauty And The Geek: ‘And The Winner Is…’

The B & G finale! Tonight, we will finally find out who is the winner of this season four of Beauty and the Geek as decided by America’s vote. We begin the episode with host Mike Richards welcoming us and taking a look back at the season’s evolution. My first thought is how horribly pieced together the crowd shots are - everyone nodding and smiling at each other and having chit-chat as if this is some sort of infomercial. The crowd looks way too interested in the most mundane things. Next, we are introduced to each of the runner-up teams. Either the make-up department did a great job of re-makeovering the geeks, or they’ve done a surprisingly good job of doing upkeep.

Join me after the jump to find out who is the winner of Beauty and the Geek season four!

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Prejudging the Newest Amazing Racers

The Amazing Race

Sorry, Viva Laughlin, but I couldn’t be more excited that is back.  It is my favorite reality show and (full disclosure) the only one for which I’ve ever made an audition tape.  Remember me from that one season?  No, you don’t, because I was never chosen.  But, even though I was snubbed by the show, I still love it, and as the premiere draws near, I thought I’d take a moment to judge several books by their covers and give you my initial thoughts on the newest crop of racers and how much I want them to win.

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These Remote Controls Show Team Spirit

All-in-One University remoteWhether you’re a college football fanatic, or just love your university, boy do we have a gadget for you: One-for-All’s Universal Remote Control with college logos and colors! The device controls just about everything video-related, from DVD players to Plasma TVs, using a huge code library for numerous brands. It also has Closed Captioning, a “FAV” key that scans your favorite channels, and maintains its memory during battery changes. It’s also compatible with Digital Cable and Satellite TV systems. This writer is the long-time owner of an “old-school” One-for-All, and is still very pleased with its features and durability. Target and Amazon have a selection of 18 different colleges for $19 USD.

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