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Where to get your Wii/PS3 If You Didn’t Pre-order

Wii BoxNintendo fanboy site Wiiloaded has offered up some advice for those seeking out next-gen consoles that didn’t have the chance to pre-order. While their article deals with getting your hands on Nintendo’s latest console, the same tips would seem to apply to Sony’s PS3 as well (although you might have to be closer to the front of the line to guarantee yourself a PS3, given the paltry 400,000 PS3’s available to the U.S.).

Among their tips? BestBuy will probably be the “most fun” waiting line, with lots of hardcore gamers and their lawnchairs, sleeping bags, and portable gaming systems of choice. However, given that BestBuy will only open an hour early for the Wii launch, Wiiloaded gives Wal-mart their “Stay Warm” rating - you should be able to pick up the console at midnight at most of their locations. Similarly, another great tip is the idea of looking up Sam’s Clubs and/or Costcos in your area - these venues tend to be overlooked and often have good deals on console bundles, so they may be a great last resort if you’re number 37 in line at a BestBuy that’s been allocated 36 Wiis.

Enjoy the list! And start stocking up on supplies to stay warm - you’ve only got 2 weeks left to plan.

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Target Has Everything You Need

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Target Sell Marijuana

Hey, it turns out that Target is looking to reach out to the younger crowd within the next 4-8 weeks. That's right, no more trying to search for what you want on street corners or dark alleys - just go to Target.com! I guess this is just one of the many ways the retail chain is going to try and take down the almighty WalMart. Now, let's see how long these links remain active:




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