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Xbox 360 Kinect Edition appears on store shelves early

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Xbox 360 Kinect Special Edition

Okay, so Kinect is the next big thing from the Xbox team over at Microsoft, and the launch is scheduled for November 4th here in the USA. You'd think that'd mean that you'd be unable to get your hands on one until then, but thanks to some slip-ups at select retail locations, you may very well be able to get ahold of Kinect starting today. As you see above, one store has mistakingly put out the 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Special Edition on the sales floor. Now, we're not saying that it's time for you to start calling around or anything, but if you happen to be hearing to a WalMart or Target type of place, you may wanna give the video game section a glance.


Buy 2 games, get 1 free next week at Target

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Buy 2 get 1 free games target

Looking to pick up a gaggle of games for yourself, or for loved ones for the holidays? You'll wanna plan to hit up Target next week, as they are having an awesome "Buy 2, Get One Free" sale, and it applies to all games, including brand new titles. With all the new hotness that's being dropped on us so far in October and early November, this is the place to be if you wanna pick up at least two new games (Kinect, anyone?). So, what are you gonna get?

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Jordin Sparks to Launch Affordable Fragrance

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Jordin Sparks' perfume

Jordin Sparks is launching her own affordable perfume. The 20-year-old singer has revealed she decided to create the scent titled Because of You, because she thinks celebrity perfumes are too expensive for ordinary fans.

“When I was starting this project, I really wanted it to be affordable. I looked at some other celebrity fragrances, and they were like $80. Even now, I look at a fragrance that’s $80, and I can’t bring myself to spend that much. In this economy especially, my fans deserve a high-quality, reasonably priced scent.”

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Amazon and Target now selling iPad

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iPad Target AmazonBoth Amazon and Target are now selling the iPad, just in time for the holiday season. We’d previously mentioned that Target would get the iPad in October, but having major online retailer Amazon on board as well just gives more choice for the purchasing of the product—especially since most customers will be able to get it tax-free, along with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. You can check out the iPad on Amazon now.

iPad comes to Target on October 3

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iPad TargetIf you’ve wanted to pick up an but haven’t gotten around to it yet, you’ll have another option as far as purchasing location in a little over a week, as Target stores will start selling the Apple tablet on October 3 in both the WiFi and 3G flavors. Even better, if you’ve got a Target credit card, they’ll be having a 5% off special for the iPad beginning October 17th. The holiday season is upon us.

Best Buy and Target to start selling used games

Best Buy and Target

Taking a controversial page from Gamestop’s book, Best Buy and Target both are in the beginning stages of implementing a trade-in program for used videos games in exchange for store credit. Best Buy has revealed that it will start offering a trade-in program this week in 600 locations, and will begin selling used games “soon”.

Target’s Electronic Trade-In department is currently open in North Carolina, and will increase to 850 stores by December 2010. Unlike Gamestop where you can only trade in video games and their accessories to buy more video games and the like; Target comprises a much larger trade-in spectrum, allowing customers to trade in cell phones, iPods, and video games to receive store credit. This store credit can net you the many different items sold in Target, and is not just limited to digital devices.

This all comes much to the dismay of video game publishers, namely THQ CEO Cory Ledesma who recently discussed how used games “cheat” the video game industry. Despite this, it seems that Best Buy and Target intend to get away with some heavy duty cheating this holiday season.

Look for the Best Buy on Columbia Heights 3100 14th St NW to start accepting trade-ins by December.

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Items Du Jour: A Kardashian Gets Botox, Gisele Spotted Naked, Gaga Goes Scary

Lara Stone in her Givenchy wedding dress- With the passing of Liberty of London for Target, it almost seemed like we would be out of fun summer prints for awhile. Fear not! FabSugar has a sneak peek at Target’s upcoming Pure Energy line.

- Finally—a complete head-to-toe look at Lara Stone’s Givenchy wedding dress is out (and to the right). As if we couldn’t envy her any more…

- Despite her touting the fact that she’s all-natural, posing without makeup and nixing Photoshop edits, Kim Kardashian recently admitted to getting Botox injections. She’s 29!

- Tennis superstar Venus Williams heats up the court and adds a little burlesque flair with her lacy black-and-red outfit. Trashy or classy?

- Even though she supposedly hates red carpets, Lady Gaga showed up to the Cannes premiere for Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project, wearing, well, a Frankenstein-esque number. Are you surprised?

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Quote of the Day: Emma Roberts Disses Target

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Emma Roberts

UPDATE: Emma has since apologized via Twitter to those who were “unintentionally offended” by her misunderstood comments.

“I want to do something in fashion that wouldn’t be cheesy. I wouldn’t do, like, Emma Roberts for . I’d want do to something more like the Olsen twins did, Elizabeth and James and The Row, something that is really cool, wearable and still unique.”

-Actress telling WWD that she would like to create a fashion line of her own some day, just not for Target.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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A Few Rodarte for Target Lookbook Images Out

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Rodarte for Target lookbook

Even though all of these pieces have already leaked, lookbook images for the Rodarte line have officially been released by Target.

The entire lookbook has yet to be published; however, we’re down to a little less than three weeks (the line is due in Target stores on December 20th)—the rest of the images are sure to come out any day now.

Prior to these photos, I was sure of which pieces I wanted to go after—now I want the whole collection! Those gloves and stockings are to die for!

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Target Recruits Zac Posen to Design Line

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Zac PosenSpeculation concerning the economic stability of Zac Posen’s label emerged amidst the lay-offs and announcement of a lower-end line. Posen seems to have found a solution that many other designers have opted for as of late: a diffusion line.

Posen is set to collaborate with Target, which is not necessarily a new team-up—Posen previously designed a one-off collection for Target Australia, which he claims to have done for the free trip!

With Rodarte’s Target line hitting stores next month and Jean Paul Gaultier’s collaboration in March, Posen’s will not be available until April 25. Torturous, I know, but at least we’ll have time to recover from Fashion Week!

Excited for Posen’s line, or plain sick of the cheaper products?

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