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BRITISH COMICS: Doctor Who Adventures 123 with David Tennant

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Calling all Time Lords! Ready the Tardis! The Doctor is here! I love Doctor Who with David Tennant, so I’m a little apprehensive about the upcoming series where he’s replaced by the much younger doc. So when I was in London, I picked up a copy of Doctor Who Adventures (#123, July 9-15, 2009) even though it’s not a traditional comic book. Doctor Who Adventures is actually a magazine from BBC Magazines that features a comic book section. The magazine part takes up the largest portion of the publication with photos (including pictures of readers dressed as the Doctor, and photo-spreads of the metal-munching Stingrays, The Tritovore Ship, Lazarus Revealed, and pin-ups of The Daleks, and even Jack Barrowman), Doctor Who’s “Top 10 Fights And Battles,” puzzles, and a “Where’s Waldo”-inspired feature called “Who’s Where?” by Christopher Cooper.

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Doctor Who TARDIS USB Micro Fridge

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USB Micro FridgeSo you’re at your computer and you’re thirsty, but the fridge is at least a room away; later this month there’ll be a solution to this common dilemma. For those who are semi-attached to their chairs and want to represent their Doctor Who fetish, the Doctor Who TARDIS USB Micro Fridge will hold one can of your favorite beverage – or you could just save yourself the $45 and walk to the kitchen.

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Dr. Who Cell Phone Flasher

Dr. Who flasherFans of “Dr. Who” can carry the show around with them with the Tardis and Dalek cell phone charms. Each of them flashes and spins when a call comes in, definitely a plus for those on subways or in a local saloon during happy hour on a Monday Football Night. While they will only work on GSM networks, check with your provider before you take the plunge for a mere $9.95.

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