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Koss Striva headphones wirelessly stream music over Wi-Fi

Koss Striva wi-fi headphones

Step aside, Bluetooth, as Koss has just unveiled a new line of headphones that stream music wirelessly over Wi-Fi. The new headphone line is called Striva, and they access audio channels delivered from the Internet that you organized and choose using the MyKoss.com dashboard interface. In addition, you can also use any device that has a headphone port. You just plug in the CAP (content access point) and the headphones can then tune into music from devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

To start, there'll be two Striva models on the market--the over-ear Striva Pro ($450 USD,) and the in-ear Striva Tap ($500,) both of which include touch-sensitive gesture-based technology that lets you switch channels and manage volume by using swipes and taps. Check out a video explaining it all below.

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The International Ghost Hunt is Back On

Ghost Hunters If you noticed a dismal lack of spooky thrills and chills this Wednesday evening, it’s probably because no new episode of aired to put us in touch with the paranormal. Sadly, the show will not return with fresh fear until September. In the meantime, you’ll just have to remain content with the show’s spin-off: Ghost Hunters International.

This European version of the show premiered on the in January, and though it scored the highest premiere ratings any reality show on SciFi has ever seen (including its parent program), only seven episodes aired before the fourth season of Ghost Hunters premiered to sweep International back under the rug. Now, the original is out of new episodes. It’s time for the B crew to shine again.

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Follow The ‘Ghost Hunters’ This Halloween

Ghost Hunters Jason and GrantEver wonder how real life conduct their paranormal investigations? At-home viewers can tag along with Jason, Grant and the team from TAPS this Halloween as they investigate Waverly Manor in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s called one of the most haunted places on Earth, and it’s my hometown.

The original series Ghost Hunters debuted in October 2004, taking a cynical approach to a business that’s usually filled with mediums and psychics. Jason and Grant, founders of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) do not claim to have special talents or an affinity for the dead. They are simply plumbers for Roto Rooter, men who set out to debunk and disprove claims of paranormal activity. Using technical equipment and sharp eyes, the Ghost Hunters do their best to prove that places are not haunted.

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