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If you are thinking bare necessity, Taiwan’s MSI has officially announced their WindBOX. The minimal desktop attaches to your monitor’s VESA mount. Features include an Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and a SATA II interface. It also has Ethernet and WiFi compatibility, a 3-in-1 card reader, a VGA out and 3 USB ports. Rumor has it that it will be out this quarter with a price of ~ $250.00.


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Mouse/Gamepad Helps You Play at Work

Evergreen Mouse/GamepadEvergreen has come up with a mouse that also doubles as a gamepad. At the minute size of 50 × 85 × 23mm and a weight 67g, it features 1600 dpi, is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Made by the Taiwanese company Giant for 3,499 Yen (~$32.59,) plug it into your USB port and your boss will never be the wiser. If you get caught, offer to lend it to her/him. That should be worth at least a longer lunch hour.

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The Amazing Race 12: “The Final Push”

Amazing Race 12

Season 12 of started with 11 teams…and in tonight’s finale, we were down to the last three.  Since their start way back in Los Angeles, CA, the remaining groups had traveled approximately 30,000 miles and reached four different continents.

Still in the race were Christina/Ronald (the father/daughter team once known for ugly criticisms from daddy);  TK/Rachel (the Hippies who were always very chill and pleasant with each other) and Nicolas/Donald (the grandfather/grandson duo with the oldest competitor to make it to the Final Three).

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Amazing Race Team Update: Nate and Jen

Amazing Race Nathan and JenniferAt the end of the last leg, Nathan and Jennifer ended the episode on an unclear note.  Did the volatile couple break up or not?  Well, for those of you concerned/indifferent/thinking evil thoughts about the status of their relationship, we now have our answer.  Drum roll please.  They’re still together! (Cue head shaking now.)

The team I personally loved-to-hate revealed to TV Guide that after a little time apart, they realized they truly did love each other.  (In other words, they knew others would struggle to find them appealing once the series premiered.)  Apparently you only hurl insults at those you love.

In the online interview, we also learned other interesting tidbits about their experience (and costly decisions) during the race.  Why did they opt to take the subway instead of a cab in Taipei?  (They wanted to trust the locals.)  How long did it take to push that donkey along the trail?  (A whopping four hours.)  Why did Jen hate TK and his dreads so much?  (That answer was a little unclear.  I believe it’s because she’s simply a whiner.)

To read the full exit interview for yourself - so you can make your own judgments their relationship - click on the link below.

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The Amazing Race 12: “Sorry, Guys, I’m Not Happy to See You”

The Amazing Race

Since the racers had traveled a whopping 4,000 miles to get their last pit stop, the producers of decided to stick with Osaka, Japan for just a little while longer.  To start the 10th leg of the competition, the teams had to first travel by taxi to the the building ‘with the hole in it’ (the Umeda Sky building).  Once there, they had to locate the ‘Floating Garden’.

The first three groups (Christina/Ronald, Nate/Jen, Nicolas/Donald) kicked off the race within minutes of each other.  Standing by were TK and Rachel.  The losers in last week’s non-elimination round had to wait a whole three hours before they could proceed.  Luckily for them, access to the garden wasn’t available until 10am —approximately three hours after this leg started.  In other words, a huge chunk of time had already been erased for the hippies before the day had even begun.

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Gakken Recalls Smart Globes

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Smart GlobeTokyo’s Gakken has recalled 10,000 of their Smart Globes after customers complained about a mislabeling. Taiwan split from communist China in the late 40’s and is still being identified as part of the People’s Republic on the device. It seems that Gakken agreed to the factory based in Shenzhen, China to label the country “Taiwan Island” for its audio pen reader in order to get them manufactured. There have been so many complaints that the globes were recalled with full refund. A similar fate befell Takara Tomy’s Talking Globe, which was also made in China and similarly labeled.

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Motorola To Release Two New Clamshells

Maxx V1110Motorola has unveiled two new cell phones in Taiwan. Their L72 SLVR features the same 11.5 mm thinness as its L7 forefather, and now also has a 2 mp cam with zoom and auto-focus, HSDPA, an FM tuner, a micro SD card slot, and CrystalTalk for improved tonal quality. The Maxx V1110 (shown here) updates the Vodaphone V1100 and works on mostly the same technology as the L7 but has a 1.3 megapixel camera. Contact Motorola for future availability and price.

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