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Translogic interviews The Jetman about his flying suit

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The dream of personal flight has always been knocking at transportation's door, but never has it had the right sales pitch. Now, over in the Bex, Switzerland, Translogic had the opportunity to interview Yves Rossy, the Jetman. This guy isn't your average adrenaline junky--he's more of a visionary. His plan is to one day build an Iron Man-like suit for personal flight. We know, keep dreaming, right? Yeah, that project is nowhere near complete, but it takes research and development for big ideas to come to fruition. For now, the Jetman is busy perfecting his personal jetwing. Check out the video above for what one day could be sharing garage space with your car.


Competition couldn’t be higher in men’s hockey

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Mark StreitNow this is a tournament. Last night, the “unstoppable” Canadian men’s hockey team was almost defeated for the second time in two games by the Swiss team. They managed to pull off a shootout victory in a game that was supposed to be won by the end of the first period. This is the same story we’ve seen throughout the first few games of this Olympic tournament, and it couldn’t be more exciting to watch.

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Roman Polanski Thanks His Supporters

Roman Polanski

is “overwhelmed” by the support he has received since being arrested in Switzerland.

The 76-year-old film director - who is under house arrest in Switzerland awaiting a decision over whether he will be extradited to America - says he was given strength by the letters he was sent after being arrested in Switzerland in September.

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Whitney Houston Touring the UK

Whitney Houston

is planning to tour the UK for the first time in over a decade.

The “I Look to You” singer will play five arena dates starting next April in venues across England and Scotland.

“This is my first full tour since the My Love Is Your Love tour in 1999 and I am so excited to be performing for my fans around the world after all this time,” Whitney said. “I am putting together a great show and cannot wait to perform the songs from my new album Look to You along with some of your favorites.”

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George Clooney’s Medical Mistake

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George Clooney‘s driver took him to a dentist when he broke his hand.

The Hollywood actor was in a great deal of pain when he slammed his digits in a car door while at his home in Lake Como, Italy, and asked his aide to drive him to see an emergency doctor. However, the driver became confused and ended up taking him to a physician who specializes in teeth.

“He drives me into town… and he takes me to a dentist. Dentist’s chair, dentist’s lamp, everything. The guy comes in, pulls the dentist’s lamp down onto my hand. He starts pulling on my fingers, which really hurts. At last, he says, ‘Hmm, I think it’s broken…’ I’m saying, ‘Is there a real doctor anywhere in here?,’” Clooney recalled.

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