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Radio Control Beverage/Snack Float

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Snack FloatHow about a Radio Control Beverage/Snack Float to bring the chips, dips, and brew to your pool guests or jacuzzi buds? Load the gadget with up to five drinks and some nachos and pass it to your left. The 2-part motorized float system has been safety tested so you don’t have to worry about electrocuting your guests and uses one 9-volt and 6 D batteries, not included. Pick yours up for a cool $49.99, and don’t let anyone cannonball during the festivities.

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Scare Your Friends with Battle Shark

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Battle Shark

The Swimways Rainbow Reef Battle Shark looks rather ominous as it makes its way around the water, perfectly balanced, with just a fin sticking out on top. The 14 x 7-inch creature needs 2 AA batteries (not included) and comes in chum red, life-jacket yellow, or great white grey for $24.95 apiece at Vat 19, where their videos are as creative as their products. Preorder if you want one from the next batch when it comes back in stock within the next week or thereabouts. We admit that we don’t have our own pool, but think it might be worth buying just to see how the neighbors react when we put it in theirs.


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